Sean Parker Threatens Critics Of His 'Lord Of The Rings' Wedding With Lawsuits, Restraining Orders


sean parker wedding

JP Barlow

Sean Parker's wedding

Former Facebook president Sean Parker has published a new rant against the "venomous," "hateful," "obsessive" critics of his $4.5 million, Lord of the Rings-style wedding in Big Sur, Calif.


His nuptials to singer-songwriter Alexandra Lenas were so extravagant — he built fake ruined castle walls in an ancient redwood forest, and every guest had to wear a special costume — that the State of California fined him $2.5 million for damaging the environment.

On Facebook, Parker blasted Rebecca Greenfield of The Atlantic for her coverage of the event:

The link-baiting world of journalism has sunk to a new low: now reporters are writing headlines that directly contradict the content of their stories. You see, Rebecca Greenfield at The Atlantic absolutely LOVES to write about my wedding and she's written venomous stories about it so many times that I've lost track.

It goes on, ending with threats of defamation suits and "digital" restraining orders.


We say "new rant" because this is merely the latest in a series of outbursts in which Parker has responded to media reports that have suggested that, perhaps, $10 million for a wedding might have been overdoing it. He wrote a 9,500-word treatise for Techcrunchback in June. He also told CNET that he'd had to cancel his honeymoon because "There are crazy people on Facebook typing death threats ... psychopaths are hunting me."

Here's a screengrab of the whole thing:

Sean Parker Wedding Facebook