Seth Meyers: Trump's 'Hamilton' feud is distracting us from the real news about him


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"Late Night with Seth Meyers"/NBC; YouTube

Seth Meyers warned his viewers that President-elect Donald Trump's feud with Broadway's "Hamilton" cast is meant to divert us from other damaging news.

"If you live in New York City, you would've bet everything you own on Friday morning that it was impossible for people to talk about the musical 'Hamilton' more," Meyers began the latest "A Closer Look" segment on Monday's "Late Night." "And by Saturday morning, you'd be broke."

Last Friday, Vice President-elect Mike Pence attended "Hamilton" and was greeted by boos from the audience and later a prepared statement from the cast, which urged Pence and Trump to embrace minorities and work to represent them in the White House.

In response, Trump posted a demand for the cast to apologize, even though Pence says he wasn't bothered by the experience.

"So [Trump] spent the weekend in a Twitter fight with a Broadway musical," Meyers said. "But once he's done with that, it's on to you, ISIS!"


Meyers then listed the other news surrounding Trump this week, including his settling the Trump University fraud suit; the fact that Ivanka Trump sat in on a meeting with the Japanese prime minister; Trump's hotel in DC is openly marketing itself to diplomats, who say they're staying at Trump hotels to win favor with the president-elect; and the fact that Trump has yet to follow through with a blind trust for his businesses. Much of this news presents potential conflicts of interest for the president-elect.

"So Twitter feuds may be fun," Meyers said, "but we need to pay attention to what Team Trump is really up to, because they want us to be distracted."

Watch the whole segment below: