Seth Meyers: Trump's latest move was 'like something out of a dictatorship'




Seth Meyers took a lot of time on Wednesday night's "A Closer Look" segment on his "Late Night" show to talk about the firing of former FBI Director James Comedy, which he described as "a surreal and chaotic development that felt like something out of a dictatorship."

Meyers got into his reasoning for the comparison.

"While Trump may have the legal authority to fire Comey," Meyers said, "it's the timing of this firing that's obviously troubling because of the current FBI investigation into the Trump campaign ties with Russia. And it's possible for an action to be suspicious because of its timing. For example, you buy your wife jewelry, it's a lovely gesture. If you buy her jewelry after a boys' weekend in Vegas, there's gonna be some follow-up questions."

After Comey learned of his firing via TV at an FBI office in Los Angeles, an official letter signed by Trump was hand-delivered to FBI headquarters by Trump's personal bodyguard, Keith Schiller.

"Wow, that's even worse than breaking up with a girl by text," Meyers said. "That's like breaking up with a girl in the chat feature on Words with Friends."


Meyers also showed actual news footage of Comey's car being followed on a Los Angeles freeway, an image that resembled the O.J. Simpson chase, but was way less interesting.

"Because nothing says the press is keeping calm more than filming a car on an LA freeway," Meyers said as an image of Simpson's infamous white Ford Bronco appeared on the screen. 

Meyers then said that "nothing could top the truly laughable justification that Trump's White House offered for firing Comey. They claimed it wasn't Russia, but that they were upset with how Comey handled the investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails during the election."

After that, Meyers showed a clip of a CNN correspondent saying, "It's like the White House is peeing on our leg and telling us that it's raining outside."

In a reference to notorious unverified intelligence memos, Meyers replied, "Said Trump, 'That's ridiculous, I don't pee on people's legs. You pay hookers for that. Ask Comey.'" 


Meyers pointed out that when Trump was first elected, he commented on how much attention Comey was getting from media. Meyers showed a clip of Trump blowing a kiss to Comey earlier this year, and referred to it as The Fredo, a "Godfather" reference.

"I knew it was you, Comey," Meyers said. "If I had a heart, you would have broken it."

And because the word "Nixonian" has been thrown around since the Comey firing, Meyers ended the segment by showing that "even the Nixon Presidential Library felt compelled to distance itself from Trump." A tweet from the library's official account said, "FUN FACT: President Nixon never fired the Director of the FBI #FBIDirector #notNixonian."

"Here's another fun fact," Meyers said. "You know it's bad when even the Nixon library thinks you're bad for their brand."

You can watch the segment below:



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