Seven fitness trends to watch out in 2017 for a healthier you


This year has just started. Those of you pledged to lose weight or build abs this year have hit the gym already. However for people engaging in fitness, you need to keep a check on the trends every year.

We consulted Rachit Dua, an advanced certified personal trainer for general and special population (people with medical issues). Also Read: How Rachit lost 23 kgs in 9 months.

Check out the 7 fitness trends to watch out in 2017.

Booming Fitness YouTubers

Video is the next big thing when it comes to the tech trends. Leveraging the same, there are numerous fitness experts who have come up with their Youtube channels in order to deliver their fitness expertise. Guru mann, Tarun Gill, BeerBiceps, Shreyas Kamath are a few of the popular fitness Youtubers in India.

Fitness Bands

The craze for monitoring your steps, heart rate, calories and sleep etc has shown an exponential growth is the past few years. However, the story is expected to be the same in 2017. Brands like Fitbit, TomTom, Garmin and Polar are some of the preferable brands in the fitness wearables market.

Demand of educated & certified fitness trainers

Gone are the days when people used to get mesmerized by the big bicep peak and massive chest of the coach. Today, people look for educated and certified personal trainers who could train them with a scientific approach and not just the bro-science. The gym standards have been rising every year and therefore, the demand of qualified trainers. Infact, the exponential growth in the demand of qualified trainers has given a boost to career opportunities in the fitness industry.

The Ketogenic diet

Eat fat to lose fat, this is the basic principle of the ketogenic diet. A ketogenic diet is high fat, moderate protein and a very low carbohydrate diet. Known as one of the fastest and healthiest fat loss diets, the ketogenic diet has become the people’s first choice when it comes to dropping the body fat. After all it allows you to eat your favorite butter chicken, butter paneer masala, cheese omelets etc. Apart from fat loss, the diet has been proven a boon for diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and the Alzheimer’s patients. No wonder, the ketogenic diet will be a popular dietary trend in 2017.

Health and Fitness Expos

India is one of the favorite market place for the fitness entrepreneurs and the constant rise in the number of fitness expos is enough to substantiate the fact. Every year there is a rise in the footfall at the fitness expos. The Bodypower expo, Fitex Expo, The Fit expo and the Sheru Classic expo, are a few popular fitness expos in India. Exhibitions by the gym and sports equipment brands, supplement brands, athlete meets, fitness seminars, and various bodybuilding and powerlifting contests are the key reasons to visit such expos.

Online Fitness Coaching

The digitalization of India is at its peak, be it in ecommerce or any other sector. The impact of digitalization is well versed even in the fitness industry. The trend of online fitness training through Watsapp and Instagram is expected to land at a next level in 2017. The social media has become a potential market for end number of fitness experts. With online coaching people get access to their respective coaches 24x7.

Strength Training

Strength training has been an integral part of the fitness lifestyle. Thanks to the Bollywood’s chiseled physiques. However, the craze of strength training among the women has also shown an exponential growth since last year. The 2017 is expected to witness a consecutive growth in the trend of strength training, primarily among the women.