Here's why a global oil giant hired 15 Indian scientists

Shell's new lubricants research lab in Bengaluru, IndiaShell

  • Shell, the gas ‘super major', opens its first ever research lab in India.
  • This is the first time that Shell is building a team of technical experts in India, though it invests nearly $1 billion on research.
  • India is an important market for any oil company since it represents the world's third largest demand for lubricants.
Shell, one of the world's largest oil companies, is opening its first ever lubricants lab in Bengaluru, India. And, the company brought in 15 technical experts to form a team that will work with manufacturers in India and around the world.

These scientists will work with Shell's partner to engineer and develop new solutions that increase efficiency.

The lubricants laboratory is an important milestone in our journey to serve our customers better, accurately matching their requirements. In addition to serving OEMs, this laboratory will also enable us in developing performance data of Shell branded products relevant to Indian customers.

Mansi Tripathy, Country Head, Shell Lubricants India


The new lab will be a key factor in supporting Shell's business development and building on feedback from Indian consumers and manufacturers.

Cracking open Shell's India story

Despite being a gas ‘super major' and being in India for over 70 years, the company has around 5% market share in lubricants India. By the company's own admission one of the main barriers to entry is the price-sensitive nature of regional players, and the dominance of government-owned companies in the field.

Globally, Shell invests around $1 billion into research and development and has around 1,300 patents to its name. In India, it wants to build on the 20% CAGR growth that it has seen over the past five years by increasing its research efforts in the country.

The plan is for the lab to help Shell's partner manufacturers improve the efficiency and reliability of their products using a combination of data analysis and new technology.

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partnerships are the main pillars of our technology leadership. At Shell, we are significantly investing in the R&D of lubricants that help us pioneer solutions to support the evolving needs of OEMs and customers.

Mansi Tripathy, Country Head, Shell Lubricants India

India's an important market for Shell corner since it represents the world's third largest market for lubricants. Opening the lab in India not only ups the ante in India but builds inroads for Shell's other global partners.


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