Sheryl Sandberg Helps Launch The Next Social Media Challenge For Charity


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2014 will forever go down in history as a year where people dumped buckets of ice water over their heads to raise money and awareness for ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).


The challenge spread because people publicly called upon others by name to participate.

We are now seeing the start of the next such "I call upon you" charity challenge. This one was started by Schoola, an organization that helps raise money for schools by selling gently used apparel.

And it's first big name to jump onboard is Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Last week Schoola founder and CEO Stacey Boyd launched the #Passthebag Challenge to collect women and kids' clothes by nominating Sandberg, Michelle Kydd Lee of CAA, Martin Varsavsky (entrepreneur) and Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn).


The challenge involves requesting a donation bag from Schoola (it comes with pre-paid postage). Fill the bag with gently used women's or kids clothing and mail it back. Schoola sells the items and donates 40% of the money raised to a school of your choice (like your own kids' school).

Boyd, a former inner city teacher and principal, started Schoola in 2012 with five San Francisco schools and today, there are 6,300 schools participating from all over the country. For instance, a school in Harlem used Schoola to build a playground and one in San Francisco used it to help save its art program, a Schoola spokesperson tells us.

Sandberg, a well-known philanthropist and supporter of education, immediately took the bait and nominated a few others. One of them, Anna Fieler, immediately accepted in turn. (Fieler is executive vice president of marketing for ShopStyle at Popsugar.)

This challenge isn't as exciting as watching Bill Gates build a contraption to dump ice water on his own head. But here's a photo of Sandberg's #Passthebag Challenge all the same:

Sheryl Sandberg Schoola challenge


Sheryl Sandberg Schoola challenge