Shuttl's foodtech debut and why it doesn't want to be a Zomato or Swiggy

Shuttl's foodtech debut and why it doesn't want to be a Zomato or Swiggy
Shuttl's foray into foodtech will not be like Zomato, Swiggy or Freshmenu
  • Shuttl has forayed into foodtech by partnering with cloud kitchens to offer breakfast options to its consumers.
  • The startup plans to build a product from where consumers can pre-order their food.
  • Shuttl was founded in 2015 and has completed over 20 million rides so far.
Indian bus mobility app Shuttl has ventured into foodtech – by offering breakfast and snack options to its consumers along the way.

The Indian millennial is almost always in a hurry to leave home and head to work in order to ditch the traffic congestion and in such scenarios, more often than not, misses breakfast.

“They are in a hurry to leave home but once they are in the bus to get to work, they usually don’t have much to do. Here’s where we saw the opportunity to introduce a breakfast option to our consumers,” Amit Singh, co-founder and CEO, Shuttl told Business Insider.


However, they don’t plan to compete with Zomato or Swiggy. Instead, they want to better serve their consumers by partnering with cloud kitchens.

“We are not saying we will become a Swiggy or a freshmenu. Our consumers need food on-the-go. We are working with cloud kitchens. Right now, the option is available in a few routes and we have the idea validated. We are in the process of building a feature where consumers can order their food choices before they got on the bus,” he said.