Skype mimics WhatsApp to get back in messaging game

Skype mimics WhatsApp to get back in messaging game
Microsoft Skype just introduced some new features, few of which are eerily similar to WhatsAppMicrosoft Blog

  • Microsoft just launched new features for its video calling app, Skype.
  • Skype now has bookmarks, message drafts and media previews.
  • Skype's attempt to get back in the game includes additions which mimic popular features already available on WhatsApp.
Microsoft's Skype is trying to regain its lost popularity by bringing in new features like bookmarks, message drafts, and media previews.

Even as Microsoft's blog post claims that these additions will help boost productivity, it looks like it is mimicking WhatsApp's features.

After the upgrade, Macintosh and Linux operating systems will even have 'split view' so that they can view multiple conversations at a time — something that was introduced on Windows 10 a few months back.

However, there's no feature that lets users share their mobile screen during calls, which was reportedly being tested back in April.

Getting back in the game

Microsoft's video calling app which was once the gold standard has been pushed aside by WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


It was frequently updated but none worked very well, leading to its downfall. Reviews on the App Store and Play Store consistently show users complaining that it's become difficult to use.

Om Malik, tech investor and commentator, once tweeted that Skype was a 'turd of the highest quality.'

Now, it's 2019, and Skype is still in the business and doesn't quite look ready to give up.

What's new — or copying WhatsApp?

First off, it will now allow messages to be saved as drafts. In case your internet connection is cut off or forget to hit send, the message will be tagged and saved in the corresponding conversation.

"Messages saved as drafts are even available when you leave and come back to your Skype app," stated Microsoft.

Skype mimics WhatsApp to get back in messaging game
Skype's new 'save as draft' featureMicrosoft Blog

The other feature that they've introduced is bookmarks, which works like the 'star' messages features on WhatsApp.

"Just right click or long press the message and click or tap Add bookmark. The message is added to the Bookmarks screen and is saved with your other bookmarked messages," said Microsoft.

Skype mimics WhatsApp to get back in messaging game
Skype now lets you preview files before sending themMicrosoft Blog

Another feature that seems to mimic WhatsApp is the ability to preview media and files before sending. Before hitting send, you'll be able to go through the files that you've selected to send, and delete anything that isn't meant to be on the list.

Skype mimics WhatsApp to get back in messaging game
Skype now lets you bookmark messagesMicrosoft Blog

And, just like on WhatsApp, you can add a comment or a note to each file being sent.

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