Social media has lost it over Pokemon Go and the memes, jokes are not even funny

Social media has lost it over Pokemon Go and the memes, jokes are not even funnyIf you are not familiar about what Pokemon GO is, you are probably still in stone-age. The Pokemon Go game has become a rage and everybody is downloading it, playing it and talking about it all the time. The hype around it has become so high that it is now even cool to hate Pokemon Go.

Nintendo’s share price also almost doubled to $45bn due to Pokemon Go, a game which released in a handful of countries.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that requires a GPS and your smartphone’s camera. As you walk around the city, you will find a number of Pokemons that you have to capture on your smartphone.

There is a Pokemon Gym, coins, Pokestops, etc in the game.

Gamers are going berserk finding Pokemons in public places, museums, bars, outside offices, main roads, etc and such is the frenzy that many people have hurt themselves. The accidents also are not encouraging people to leave the game, at least on the go.


As per reports, Florida teens were shot at mistaken for thieves and all they were doing was finding Pokemons.

The game has become so popular that even on social media, people are just talking about it. Be it comments, jokes, comparisons, etc, if you don’t play Pokemon Go, you probably are not the coolest.

But enough is enough and the frenzy just crossed the limit line. Twitterati, Facebook peeps, Instagrammers are sharing jokes on Pokemon Go that are not even funny. Here are a few jokes, memes being circulated on social media that are dumb and will leave you rolling your eyes.


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