Social Media Listening Isn't Just For Marketing, Sales, And Customer Service Anymore


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According to the 2013 TCS Global Trend Study, only three business functions actively monitor social media dialogue to inform their work:

  • 69% Marketing
  • 58% Sales
  • 49% Customer Service

There are numerous other business functions that could be doing a better job of leveraging social media. For example, only 27% of professionals who work in Research & Development and 37% who work in Product Management are actively listening to conversations on social media. (TCS)

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In Other News ...

Instagram announced plans to launch an app for the Windows Phone in the "coming weeks." (The Verge)

At one point on August 3, Twitter processed 143,199 tweets per second - a new record. Chatter on the social network peaked during an airing of Castle in the Sky, an anime film that aired in Japan. (Mashable)


Twitter's content is being integrated with Airtel Digital TV in India. Similar to recent partnerships in the U.S., users will be able to view tweets related to live programming. (CNET)

Twitter is now more important to teens than Facebook, according to a survey conducted by Piper Jaffray, an investment bank. (Piper Jaffray)

36% of people who have joined Twitter say they no longer actually use the service, and 7% have closed their account. (Reuters)

According to KISSmetrics, photos on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs achieve 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-throughs. (KISSmetrics)

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