Someone loss is someone else’s gain! Indian airline companies set to benefit from US ban on in-flight gadgets

Jet Airways and Air India, leading airline companies of India, are all set to benefit from the ban that the US government has imposed on carrying large electronic devices in cabin on passenger flights from eight Muslim-majority countries.

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The reason behind this benefit is that business travellers prefer to work on laptops and iPads on long-duration flights.


The ban has been imposed on all non-stop flights to the US and the UK from 10 international airports from Cairo (Egypt); Amman ( Jordan); Kuwait City (Kuwait); Casablanca (Morocco); Doha (Qatar); Riyadh and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia); Istanbul (Turkey); and Abu Dhabi and Dubai (UAE).
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This ban is likely to result in business class passengers making a shift to Indian carriers.


"Now, our flights to the US fly up to 90% full and we will not be able to adjust a lot of them," a senior Air India official told ET.

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