Someone Made A Fake 'Batman V Superman' Trailer And It's Pretty Good


With San Diego Comic Con a week away, fans are expecting a sneak peek at upcoming movies including "Batman V Superman" - so it's no surprise that a "leaked" fan trailer for the film has landed online.


Normally, we'd dismiss fan trailers, but whoever made this went above and beyond to make it look legitimate. The trailer footage is shown as if someone taped it while sitting in a theater to give it that raw, taped-on-your-cell-phone look.

Take a look:

What did I just watch?


The trailer takes footage from "Man of Steel," replaying the warning message that General Zod transmitted to the entire world about Superman's alien powers. It only makes sense that the Caped Crusader also saw the footage and it would be a possible way to pit the superheroes against one another.

How you know it's not real:

The trailer opens with the Legendary logo which helped bring "The Dark Knight" trilogy to life under director Christopher Nolan.

Legendary recently ended its eight-year partnership with Warner Bros. last year. In doing so, the company gave up any rights on "Batman V Superman" in order to keep a stake in Nolan's next film Instellar which is being co-produced by Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros.

When will we get a real teaser trailer for "Batman V Superman"?


The movie isn't out until 2016, but since Warner Bros. is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight, we would be surprised if something doesn't come out of SDCC.

If we do receive some news, we'll most likely hear it Saturday, July 26 during one of the Warner Bros. panels.