This ‘Cockroach Startup’ actually ships Cockroaches through the Mail

This ‘Cockroach
Startup’ actually ships Cockroaches through the
Consider it, while it might be your nightmare, it’s a great thing for gecko, chameleon and bearded dragon owners. There aren’t many I hope *fingers crossed*.

A startup that goes by the name Reptile Munchies delivers live roaches to the doors of reptile owners. That way they can keep their pets fed without any hassle. The subscription costs $29 a month for a month’s worth of reptile food, that’s about 100 roaches. Did we tell you the company has a bearded dragon as the CEO?

Here’s why you should buy from Reptile Munchies and nobody else!

· Guaranteed Availability
You reserve your spot. You get your chosen size and quantity every month, delivered right to your doorstep. Your beloved gecko doesn’t deserve to go hungry. Ever.

· No More Crickets
Say no to crickets sold my major pet retailers. The typical adult Bearded Dragon eats about 50 crickets every week. That’s $30 per month! Also, Crickets smell, jump, bite, and make lots of noise.

The startup’s website says you can ‘stick your head in a bucket of them (roaches)’ and barely smell anything! Wow!

With Reptile Munchie you also get the first month free. Yay!

· A Healthier Option
You eat healthy, why shouldn’t your Bearded Dragon! Reptile Munchie’s feeders have 3x as much meat than adult crickets and double the protein.

Nick Zafiropoulos began this business around a year back when he decided to combine his love for breeding roaches (Ummmm….*shivers* Yeah) with his knowledge of Biology and his crazy entrepreneurship sense.

This guy has owned a bearded dragon since he was 14, and at the age of 16, he began breeding his own roaches in his parents’ home in order to cut down on trips to the pet store to buy food for his pet. Now, keeping these reptiles fed is a lot of work, that’s when the idea struck him. The bearded dragon Apollo is has now been humorously named CEO of the company!

The only issue is that despite these positives, nobody wants roaches crawling around, so Mr. Zafiropoulos developed escape-proof containers designed for easy storage and feeding. He already had about 1,000 Dubia in two thirty-gallon bins inside his home to feed his pet. For this venture, he has ramped up his colony and added five more bins. That adds a whole new dimension to ‘scaling’, doesn’t it?

So what are you waiting for? Splurge on your pet Chameleon. After all, these are the best Cockroaches money can buy.

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