Someone wearing a TV as a helmet dropped off more than 50 old TVs at random people's homes in Virginia

Old TVs

Gustavo Devito/Flickr

  • Someone wearing a TV as a helmet dropped off old TVs at more than 50 different homes in Henrico County Virginia on Aug. 11, The Washington Post reported.
  • Many local residents called the police to report the odd deliveries, but officers recycled the old electronics without incident.
  • Police decided that the deliveries weren't malicious, so they won't be investigating the situation any further.
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This past weekend more than 50 people in Virginia awoke to find old tube televisions left on their doorsteps, sparking a bizarre mystery in Henrico County.

Security camera footage taken at several of the homes revealed another odd detail - the person delivering the TVs was wearing a TV set as a helmet and a blue jumpsuit. In a video provided to The Washington Post, the strange delivery-person simply drops the TV off facing the front door, and briefly waves at the camera before walking off.Advertisement

Police told the Post that they wouldn't be investigating the situation any further, since the deliveries didn't appear to be malicious. This isn't the first time Henrico County residents have received a surprise TV delivery; last year a smaller batch of about 20 TVs was dropped off at a group of houses in the Glen Allen area of the county.

It's unclear why anyone would have so many old TVs on hand, since most Americans have moved onto flat panel LCD screens or OLED screens. Old cathode-ray tube TVs, or CRTs, still remain popular with gamers who want to preserve a retro aesthetic and minimize the slight delay that comes with upscaling classic games to high definition.

Be sure to check out The Washington Post's full report for more reactions from the Henrico County residents.