Soon you'll be able to buy products directly from Google Search results


Google wants to make it much easier to shop from your phone. In the next few weeks, the company is rolling out a new feature that lets you make purchases directly through Google Search results.

When an advertisement for a product appears in search results, you'll be able to click on that product and select the checkout option if you want to buy it. Here's what it will look like:


Lisa Eadicicco


The company is also going to deep link apps from shopping ads. This means that if you have the eBay app installed on your phone, you'll be directed to the eBay app if a product from eBay appears in your search results.

Another way the company is making it easier to shop online is by rolling out a new feature called conversational voice search. This means you can ask Google Now a shopping-related query in natural language, and it will pull up an answer. For example, you can ask for the resolution of a specific camera model, and Google will pull it up.

Google is also adding a few new cards to Google Now that make it easier to shop. A new product reviews card will show you reviews for a certain product when you ask. A new price drop card will show you when a particular item is on sale, too.



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