Spain's most chaotic festival is going on right now and it involves a lot of fire - here's what it's like to attend


Fallas, Valencia, Festival

Alberto Saiz/AP Images

Sculptures burn during the Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain, in 2014.

Spain is a country known for its unique festivities. Las Falls de Valencia, one of their most chaotic festivals, just began on March 15. 

Las Fallas is a week long celebration that always involves fire - Las Fallas literally means "the fire." During this celebration, life-like satirical sculptures - which look more like Pixar movie characters than traditional parade floats - are made and paraded around Valencia before they get burned. 

La Crema, also known as the burning, is done on the last day of the festival at exactly 12 a.m. 

Here are images from those posting live to Instagram from this year's Las Fallas celebrations.