Special offer to attend IGNITION: Transportation - in San Francisco on 10/22

Special offer to attend IGNITION: Transportation - in San Francisco on 10/22

IGNITION 2018 audience

Jin S. Lee/Business Insider


Join us for breakfast and a series of exciting conversations with business leaders at the forefront of innovation. Together, we'll explore the impact of AI and machine learning on cars and cities, the evolving regulatory and policy environment, key strategies for changing logistics and transportation systems, and the investment opportunities these innovations create.

The agenda will include:

AI Takes the Wheel


  • Jesse Levinson, Cofounder and CTO, Zoox, in conversation with Mark Matousek, Transportation Reporter, Business Insider

Architecting the Age of Autonomy

  • Tekedra Mawakana, Chief External Officer, Waymo, in conversation with Bryan Logan, Senior Transportation Editor, Business Insider

Data Driven

  • Gary Hallgren, President, Arity, in conversation with Matt Weinberger, Senior Tech Editor, Business Insider

Planning for the Long Haul

  • Greg Smith, EVP of Supply Chain, Walmart, in conversation with Rachel Premack, Transportation Reporter, Business Insider

Blue Sky Investing

  • Bonny Simi, President, JetBlue Technology Ventures, in conversation with Cadie Thompson, Deputy Executive Editor, Business Insider

The event is complimentary, but there are limited spots so apply here today for your chance to attend!


  • When: October 22
  • Where: Commonwealth Club, 110 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94105
  • Your ticket will give you full access to the morning's programming and includes breakfast and a networking reception.

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