An MMA fighter nicknamed 'Butcher' scored a savage 30-second knockout in his Eagle FC debut

An MMA fighter nicknamed 'Butcher' scored a savage 30-second knockout in his Eagle FC debut
Akhmed Aliev, nicknamed 'Butcher,' dissected his opponent in 30 seconds.Photo by Eagle FC
  • Eagle Fighting Championship is becoming known for its insane finishes.
  • Akhmed Aliev, nicknamed 'Butcher,' dissected his opponent in just 30 seconds Friday.

Russian fighter Akhmed Aliev scored a first-round knockout during his debut for new fighting firm Eagle FC at the Eagle FC 47 event Friday.

Aliev needed only 30 seconds to separate Darrell Horcher from his senses as the 32-year-old drilled him with a barrage of well-placed shots that put him on his back in an instant.

After touching gloves, Aliev occupied mid-range and threw low kicks.

He minimized Horcher's attack with low-energy distance management before waiting for his opponent to throw that one shot that he could counter with an array of damaging blows.

Sure enough, when Horcher extended himself with a left hand — his sole shot in the entire match — Aliev changed into a higher gear and threw a four-punch counter combo that included an uppercut and hooks.


Once he'd dropped Horcher, he followed up with one almighty smack to the face — bang! That did it… if Horcher didn't already have a concussion, he certainly did now as he appeared down and out for good.

Aliev managed to land one more shot, albeit far less impactful, before the referee was able to shove him off of Horcher, who was now defenseless and thoroughly beaten.

Watch the awesome finish right here:

With victory, Aliev advanced his pro MMA record to 21 wins (12 knockouts and nine decisions) against seven defeats.

Since retired UFC great Khabib Nurmagomedov bought Gorilla Fighting Championship for $1 million in 2020 and renamed it Eagle FC, the promotion has gone from strength to strength.


Lately, it has been on a run of events that have yielded highlight-reel finishes.

26-year-old MMA fighter Mehdi Dakaev won a December 2021 fight with a stunning 'Superman punch' that knocked his opponent out cold.

And, earlier this year, Georgiy Shakhruramazanov scored a spinning wheel kick knockout that was so good it looked like a video game cheat code come to life.

Nurmagomedov is so confident Eagle FC will continue to grow that he sent a warning to big-league promoters like the UFC, and said any other fighter unhappy with their current organization would be welcome at his organization.

It is unclear when Eagle FC will return but it has held four events in 2022 so far, meaning a July or August event is likely.