France star Paul Pogba says an opponent 'nibbled' on his shoulder during a Euro 2020 game

France star Paul Pogba says an opponent 'nibbled' on his shoulder during a Euro 2020 game
Pogba says Rudiger "nibbled" him.Getty/ Alex Grimm
  • Paul Pogba says Antonio Rüdiger bit him during a Euro 2020 match between France and Germany.
  • "He nibbled," said the Frenchman, who was incensed when the incident happened, but later calmed down.
  • Rüdiger denies biting the midfielder, saying footage of the incident simply "looks unfortunate."

France midfielder Paul Pogba has accused Germany defender Antonio Rüdiger of biting him during a Euro 2020 match between the two countries on Tuesday.

Just prior to half-time, the pair were seen grappling off the ball, with replays showing Rüdiger to have taken an apparent bite at Pogba's shoulder.

The Frenchman was incensed because the incident was not seen by either the referee or Video Assistant Referee. As such it was not reviewed for any action against Rüdiger.

The English Premier League duo hugged it out at the final whistle after France emerged as 1-0 victors, but Pogba still insisted after the match that he was indeed the victim of a bite.

"We are friends," Pogba said. "This was nothing big. I think you saw the TV pictures. This is all over. This belongs to the past. I'm not crying for yellow or red cards for such actions.


"He nibbled, I think, a little bit on me. But we have known each other for a long time. I felt it, I told the referee and he took a decision."

The Manchester United midfielder, however, also insisted he didn't want the matter to be taken any further.

If the incident is reviewed by UEFA and Rüdiger is found to have bitten Pogba, he could face a lengthy ban that could end his Euro 2020 campaign.

A similar incident happened at the 2014 World Cup when Uruguay striker Luis Suarez bit at the shoulder of Italy's Giorgio Chiellini. Suarez, who had a history of on-field biting, was given a four month ban and fined $93,000 after being found guilty following an investigation by FIFA.

"It's over," Pogba said. "I don't want him to be suspended."


Rüdiger has denied biting Pogba, saying after the match: "I should not come close with my mouth to his back, no doubt about it.

"It looks unfortunate."

France's victory over Germany sees the reigning world champion move into second place in Group F behind Portugal, which beat minnows Hungary 3-0 earlier in the day.