The 11 most extravagant things Floyd Mayweather has spent his millions on

Floyd Mayweather

Retired boxer Floyd Mayweather won over $1 billion in prize money alone during his 21 year professional career, according to Forbes.

Add that to a variety of sponsorships, including Burger King, Hublot, and FanDuel, as well as the income from his own companies such as Mayweather Promotions and The Money Team, and it's fair to say the 42-year-old has earned more than a fair living.Advertisement

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As much as Mayweather knows how to earn money, however, he also knows how to spend it.

Amongst his lavish purchases over the years are a $25 million Los Angeles mansion, numerous private jets, and his own strip club - but these aren't even the wackiest, most expensive things the retired fighter has ever paid for.

Here are the 11 most ludicrous things Mayweather has ever spent his millions on. 


A $50,000 diamond iPod case.

Mayweather loves his music, so much so that he splashed $50,000 on this bejeweled iPod case back in 2010, according to Bleacher Report. It even had a chain in case he loses it — not that he couldn't afford another one.

An $18 million watch called "The Billionaire."

Designed by Jacob & Co, 280-carat diamond watch "The Billionaire" is the only watch of its kind in the world, and is made up of 167 different components, according to Forbes.


A candy shop in his own house.

No playboy mansion is complete without a home cinema, but Mayweather took it took the next level at his $25 million LA Mansion, adding in a self-serve candy shop. 50 Cent would be proud.

$605,000 on tickets to his own fight.

Mayweather paid $605,000 to have his friends ringside at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas when he beat Canelo Alvarez in September 2013. This is a small sum, however, considering his purse for the fight was $41.5 million.


A $220,000 bet on a college football game.

A $220,000 bet on a college football game.

Back in 2013 when Johnny Manziel was still playing football at college, Mayweather placed a $220,000 bet on his team Texas A&M covering a 17.5-point first-half spread, according to The Washington Post. The bet came in, and Mayweather doubled his money.

A $4.7 million ultra-rare supercar...

Purchased in 2015, Mayweather's Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita is one of only two of its kind in the world, and boasts a top speed of over 409kph (254 mph).


... And a $20,000 Bentley golf cart for good measure.

This one was for his 15-year-old son, Koraun, which The Wall Street Journal reports to have cost him $20,000.

New underwear and sneakers every day.

Rather than wash his underwear like a normal person, Mayweather wears a new pair every single time he changes, which is estimated to cost him around $6,500 per year, according to The Richest. He does the same with sneakers, wearing them only once before disposing of them.


$,1000 for every meal from his personal chef...

Quiana Jeffries, Mayweather's personal chef, must cook some really good food, as according to Esquire, he pays her $1,000 per meal she cooks for him. He's also said to keep her on retainer 24 hours a day.

...And the same for a trim from his barber.

Mayweather's barber Jackie Starr can't be half bad either, as he pays the same amount for a haircut as he does a meal.

"It's $1,000 per cut," Starr told TMZ in 2016.


And finally, a $5.3 million spending spree at a Beverly Hills jewellery store.

Last year, TMZ reported that Mayweather spent $5.3 million on jewellery alone during a lavish spending spree at Peter Marco in Beverly Hills.

His purchases included a $2.3 million VVS ring, a $2.5 million diamond bracelet, and a 2-pound yellow gold Cuban necklace.