Tom Brady is set to make $2.25 million in playoff bonuses this season if he wins the Buccaneers the Super Bowl

Tom Brady is set to make $2.25 million in playoff bonuses this season if he wins the Buccaneers the Super Bowl
Tom Brady's unquenchable thirst for playoff success is helping top up his bank balance.AP Photo/Kamil Krzaczynski
  • Tom Brady stands to make a total of $2.25 million in bonuses if the Buccaneers win the Super Bowl.
  • He earned a $500,000 bonus just for getting the Bucs to the playoffs, per ESPN's Adam Schefter.
  • He's already earned $1.75 million in bonuses this season, and will get $500,000 more if he wins the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady has pocketed $1.75 million in bonuses related to the NFL playoffs already this season, and stands to make another $500,000 if he can lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win the Super Bowl, ESPN reports.

Brady has a series of playoff-related bonuses in his Bucs contract, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports, citing a source.

These include $250,000 for a wildcard win, $500,000 for a divisional win, $500,000 for an NFC Championship win, and another $500,000 if he can win them the Super Bowl.

That's on top of a reported $500,000 bonus Brady earned simply for taking the Tampa side to the playoffs at all.

So far, having made the playoffs and beaten the Washington Football Team in the wildcard round, the New Orleans Saints in the divisional round, and Aaron Rodgers' Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Sunday, Brady has made an extra $1.75 million.


If Brady and the Bucs are able to win the Super Bowl in two weeks' time, he will have added $2.25 million to the guaranteed $50 million he will earn over his two-year contract with the team.

When Brady signed with the Bucs, it was reported that he has around $4.5 million of added incentives per season written into his contract. It appears that half of that money this season was for playoff progress.

It is not known what the other $2.25 million is tied to.

Tom Brady is set to make $2.25 million in playoff bonuses this season if he wins the Buccaneers the Super Bowl
Brady doesn't just earn bonuses for himself.Kim Klement/USA Today Sports

Securing bonuses is something Brady has been adept at during the 2020 NFL season. Earlier in the season, Brady helped teammate Antonio Brown reach a performance goal needed to earn him a $250,000 bonus.

Heading into the final game of the regular season, Brown was 11 catches shy of earning the quarter-million-dollar bonus written into his Buccaneers contract for making 45 regular season grabs.


With three minutes left of the team's final regular season game against the Atlanta Falcons, Brown had made eight catches on the day, leaving him three short of his bonus target.

To fix that, Brady threw Brown a series of short, easy shovel passes, getting the wide receiver's numbers up and earning him his money.

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