Virat Kohli and these players have more than three IPL centuries

May 19, 2023

By: Sourabh Jain

Virat Kohli hits sixth IPL century

Virat Kohli hit his sixth IPL century on May 18 against Sunrisers Hyderabad, equalling Chris Gayle’s record for the most IPL centuries. So far, he has played 236 matches and has scored 7,162 runs, including 6 centuries and 50 fifties.

Credit: BCCL

Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle holds the joint record for most centuries in IPL, having scored 6 centuries. Gayle has played 142 matches in IPL and has scored 4,965 runs with 6 centuries and 31 fifties.

Credit: BCCL

Players who have hit more three or more centuries

In this post, we look at the players who have hit three or more IPL centuries.

Credit: BCCL

Jos Butler

Jos Butler is next on the list. He has played IPL 95 matches and has scored 3,223 runs, including 5 centuries and 19 fifties.

Credit: BCCL

KL Rahul

Wicketkeeper-batsman KL Rahul has scored 4 centuries so far. He has played 118 IPL matches, scoring 4,163 runs with 4 centuries and 33 fifties.

Credit: BCCL

David Warner

Australia’s David Warner has had a successful IPL career. He has played 175 IPL matches and scored 6,311 runs, with 4 centuries and 60 fifties.

Credit: BCCL

Shane Watson

Shane Watson has played 145 IPL matches, during which he has scored 3,874 runs, including 4 centuries and 21 fifties.

Credit: BCCL

AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers, popularly known as Mr 360 has played 184 IPL matches, scoring 5,162 runs with 3 centuries and 40 fifties.

Credit: BCCL

Sanju Samson

India’s Sanju Samson is next on the list with 3 centuries. He has played 151 IPL matches and scored 3,886 runs, with 3 centuries and 20 fifties.

Credit: BCCL

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