Single and no place to live? Here’s one company that’s your sure shot messiah!

Single and no place to live?
Here’s one company that’s your sure shot messiah! Ask a bachelor about his life in a city and the first thing that he talks about is how difficult it is to find an accommodation. From dealing with the inhibitions of the home owners to the risk of being overcharged by the brokers, a bachelor has to go through a string of such ‘trials’ in order to find a decent place to live.

Having gone through a similar situation, three such individuals came together to launch a company that specifically serves the accommodation needs of bachelors and single working professionals in the cities.

“We incorporated Ziffy Homes in November 2015 and immediately we received several queries,” said Salil Agarwal, a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of the home rental services. The company not only provides accommodation but also ensures that they are fully furnished with other necessary equipment such as geyser, ACs, refrigerators among others. The other two founders include investment banker Saurabh Kumar and management consultant, Sanchal Ranjan.


“We reached out to our alma mater--IIT Kanpur and NIT Suratkal to validate the problem with fresh graduates, who would be soon relocating to metro cities. The responses were no different from what we have experienced long back in their career timelines,” he added.
The company primarily ties up with different local rental services and offers a customized package to the end consumer. Currently, the company’s profit margin is Rs 2,000 on every transaction.

“It’s a bootstrap company with an initial funding of Rs 40 lakh from the founders. We plan to raise funds this year and are already in advance talks with some of the biggest investors in the realty sector,” Agarwal said.

The company aims to expand in five cities—Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad and is currently present in Delhi-NCR. Agarwal tells BI India that the company already has over 100 units and the occupancy rate is a whopping 97%.

“Within single visit home owner and brand ZiffyHomes can break the deal on the standard procedures that we have kept uniform across locations, and the brand ensures rental assurance thereafter. Ziffy Homes brings a unique proposition while incentivizing the existing broker network to scale the operations at a much faster pace and extrapolate our brand presence,” he added.