Stephen Colbert gives a hilarious farewell to Bernie Sanders' long presidential run


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"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert"/CBS/YouTube

Stephen Colbert honored Bernie Sanders' exit from the presidential race by bidding him goodbye in "Hunger Games" fashion.

The "Late Show" host donned his purple wig for the popular segment, "The Hungry for Power Games," which he has used to count down the candidates as they ended their runs for president.

"Oh, so few remain," the host said. "But the bar is closing and America has to go home with someone."


On Tuesday, Sanders took the stage with Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire to formally endorse the former Secretary of State and suspend his campaign.

"Sadly, today, we lost the bravest tribute of all," Colbert announced, "a man we actually lost months ago, but who courageously kept pretending not to be dead."

After playing footage of Sanders' endorsement and awkward pat on Clinton's shoulder, Colbert said it reminded him "of another man who forced himself to endorse a coronation in hopes of healing a rift." He then showed footage from "Game of Thrones" in which Ned Stark named Joffrey the king and then was beheaded.


"Bernie, don't forget to duck," Colbert warned.

In appreciation of what the candidate stood for, Colbert said, "Oh, Bernie, you were a worthy adversary of we, the elite. And in your honor, right now I'm going to eat your name made out of caviar."

After recapping Sanders' campaign, Colbert messed up his wig in honor of the "fallen tribute."


"Farewell, Bernie. No one else expressed the frustrations of so many Americans without blaming it on Mexicans and Muslims," he concluded the sketch with a jab at Donald Trump.

Watch the segment below:


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