Sterlite Technologies strikes ₹35 billion deal to build digital network for Indian Navy

  • Sterlite Technologies on Tuesday confirmed it’s ₹35 billion deal with the Indian Navy to create digital networks.
  • The project is a long term contract involving designing and managing the network.
  • The shares of the company hit over 4% post announcement of the deal.
Sterlite Technologies said on Tuesday that it had signed a deal worth ₹35 billion to create an end-to-end digital communication system for Indian Navy. Generally, such deals are awarded to multinational companies but the Indian Navy chose to stay with a domestic vendor.

The multi-year contract comprises the design, construction and maintenance of a high capacity digital network, connecting all Indian naval sites and India-administered islands as well as establishing secure data centres. It also includes the creation of a software-defined data delivery network for the Indian Navy, stated the company in a press note.

According to media reports, this will be the first time when such a robust security network is being built on a large scale in India. The network will allow the Indian Navy to get benefits of network virtualisation, big data analytics and easy monitoring of the posts situated at a distance.

The company had already received an advance purchase order in February 2018. Furthermore, it promised to provide advanced security solution embedded with real-time situational awareness to help navy hasten its decision making.

Sterlite Tech is already working with the state-owned BSNL and the Defence Ministry to design a network for spectrum program (NFS). Moreover, it has previously worked on a project involving the creation of intrusion proof smarter networks.

Owing to the deal the shares of Vedanta group’s digital network and telecom solution company jumped over 4% in the stock market today.