The maker of products for brands like Vim, Rin, Domex and Surf will get listed on July 23

  • Edward Menezes said the company makes popular household products like Vim, Rin, Ciff and Surf for the brand owners like Hindustan Unilever, Dabur, IFB and others.
  • As on May 31, 2020, it had a range of 2,030 different products sold across the three product categories, according to HDFC securities.
  • In the home, personal care and performance segment, Rossari manufacturers over 300 products for customers in the soaps and detergent, paints, inks and coatings, ceramics and tiles, water treatment chemicals and pulp and paper industries.
The Mumbai-based speciality chemical maker Rossari Biotech has finally completed its ₹496 crore IPO, which was subscribed 79 times on the last day of bidding. The stock is expected to get listed on the stock exchanges on July 23.

In a conversation with Business Insider, Rossari Biotech executive chairman and co-founder, Edward Menezes revealed that the company makes popular household products like Vim, Rin, Ciff and Surf for the brand owners like Hindustan Unilever, Dabur, IFB, Arvind, Raymond, and many more to name a few.

Nearly half of the company’s revenue comes from this segment. “We are among few of the manufacturers for HUL and the only manufacturers for Panasonic and Bosch,” Menezes said.


Source: Nirmal Bang IPO note

“In home care, personal care and performance, we have 3 verticals. In one vertical, we make the ingredients, and these ingredients go into soap, detergents, paper, pulp, ceramic and tiles. They may constitute between 2-10% of the total product,” according to Menezes.

“The second vertical is the original design and manufacture (ODM), which is for brands like IFB and Bosch. The third vertical is contract manufacturing, which is for HUL and Reliance manufacturing and other companies. Contract manufacturing is a very small part of our business. The company is more focused on manufacturing ingredients that go into paper and pulp, and they go into ceramic and tiles,” he said.


It also has an e-commerce connection

“We also make home care products for Flipkart and Presto, Amazon. We also manufacture products for an online firm called Purple,” he added.

Rossari business is focused around four chemistries, which includes acrylic and acrylates chemistry, for soaps and paper, pulp and water treatment etc. Surfactants, which forms a large base of the company’s portfolio and is used in all the businesses that it does. It also has Silicon, Emulsions and Enzymes as other verticals, Menezes said.

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Rossari Biotech is hiring ⁠— and the company’s average salary is ₹10 lakh per year