12 equity-oriented thematic MFs launched in the last 6 months

Mar 22, 2023

By: Bhakti Makwana

Rising investor interest in thematic funds

​Thematic funds have created a buzz among investors given inflows into sectoral/thematic funds jumped more than three times from ₹903 crore in January, 2023 to ₹3,856 crore in February, 2023. This is also because investors are looking for options on value creation across the board beyond benchmark indices. ​

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​What are thematic funds?​

​Thematic funds are investment funds focused on specific themes or trends. They invest in companies with specific themes like investing only in multinational companies, high paying dividend companies and so on to capitalize on growth opportunities and maximize returns. ​

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​Here are the most interesting 12 new funds launched in the last 6 months. ​

Credit: BCCL

ICICI Prudential Innovation Fund

​The fund will invest in equity related securities of companies and units of global mutual funds/ETFs that can benefit from innovation strategies and themes.​

Credit: ICICI-Prudential-Mutual-Fund

SBI Dividend Yield Fund

The fund will consider investing in companies that are paying consistent high yielding dividends or done a buyback in at least one of the three preceding financial years.​

Credit: SBI-Mutual-Fund

​​HDFC MNC Fund​

​The mutual fund product provides investors with an opportunity to diversify their portfolio with exposure to multinational companies that are resilient during bouts of volatility.​

Credit: HDFC-Mutual-Fund

Axis Business Cycle Fund

​The fund invests based on the business cycles theme with a focus on riding business cycles through dynamic allocation between various sectors and stocks at different stages of business cycles in the economy.​

Credit: Axis-Mutual-Fund

ICICI Prudential Nifty Commodities ETF

​The scheme tracks the Nifty Commodities Index and is designed to reflect the behaviour and performance of a diversified portfolio of companies representing the commodities segment. ​

Credit: ICICI-Prudential-Mutual-Fund

HDFC Business Cycle Fund

​The HDFC MF fund aims to invest in companies which are likely to benefit from business cycles.​

Credit: HDFC-Mutual-Fund

Bandhan Transportation and Logistics Fund

The fund will invest in equities of companies in the transportation and logistics sector. ​

Credit: Bandhan-Mutual-Fund

ICICI Prudential Transportation and Logistics Fund

​The fund will predominantly invest in equity securities of companies engaged in transportation and logistics.​

Credit: ICICI-Prudential-Mutual-Fund

​ICICI Prudential Nifty Auto Index Fund​

​The fund will provide exposure to blue chip auto and auto ancillary names which are part of the benchmark indices.​

Credit: ICICI-Prudential-Mutual-Fund

HDFC NIFTY Growth Sectors 15 ETF​

​The fund aims to provide investment returns in line with the NIFTY Growth Sectors 15 Index.​

Credit: HDFC-Mutual-Fund

​HDFC NIFTY100 Quality 30 ETF​

​The scheme aims to provide investment returns in line with Nifty100 Quality 30 Index.​

Credit: HDFC-Mutual-Fund

​​Kotak Business Cycle Fund ​

​The fund will follow business cycles based investing themes that would invest in stocks and sectors of the companies that aim to navigate through economic cycles.​

Credit: Kotak-Mutual-Fund

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