'Big Short' investor Michael Burry showcased books on Warren Buffett, credit derivatives, and Vietnam. The titles relate to his life.

'Big Short' investor Michael Burry showcased books on Warren Buffett, credit derivatives, and Vietnam. The titles relate to his life.
Michael Burry.Bloomberg TV

  • Michael Burry posted a picture of his bookshelf on Twitter.
  • "The Big Short" investor owns books on Warren Buffett, credit derivatives, and the Vietnam War.
  • Burry's copy of "Financial Warnings" might be a nod to his many warnings this year.
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Michael Burry may have sworn off Twitter this month following a visit from market regulators, but he's still finding ways to communicate with his followers.

The Scion Asset Management boss changed the header image on his Twitter profile to a picture of a bookshelf this week. The books on display clearly relate to key aspects of his life.

For example, there's a book called "Financial Warnings" on the shelf. Burry tried to raise the alarm on an impending housing crash in the mid-2000s, but Wall Street almost universally dismissed him. He's also warned of bubbles in Tesla and GameStop stock, bitcoin, Dogecoin, SPACs, and the broader stock market this year.

Burry's bookshelf features four books on Warren Buffett and his company, Berkshire Hathaway. One is a guide to building a Buffett-esque portfolio, while the other three are collections of the billionaire investor's letters to Berkshire shareholders and investors in his former partnership.


Burry studied Buffett closely as a young man, follows a similar value-investing philosophy, and even labeled Apple as a "Buffett stock" nearly two decades before Berkshire made it the largest holding in its portfolio.

Fittingly, Burry's library includes a copy of "The Big Short" - author Michael Lewis' book about the investor's billion-dollar bet against the US housing bubble. It also features three books on credit derivatives, including one on collateralized debt obligations (CDOS), the financial instruments that Burry bought in anticipation of a housing collapse, then made a fortune selling.

Burry's shelf also boasts a copy of "Vietnam Paradox," a novel about a Vietnamese woman who meets and falls in love with an American soldier during the Vietnam War. Its author is Rose Thu, a Vietnamese woman who escaped to the US during the war. Burry's wife is Vietnamese, and she and her family fled Vietnam for the US in 1975.

Moreover, the Scion chief has issued several warnings in Vietnamese. He has set his location as "lỗ nhớ" on Twitter, which translates to "memory hole," suggesting he thinks people are forgetting the past. His profile also reads, "định mệnh để không tin," or "destined to not be believed."