Here’s a model stock portfolio for the ‘moderate’ risk-taker

Austin Distel

  • From SBI Life and Infosys to Cadila and Emami— these are the top stocks to buy, according to IIFL Securities.
  • Here’s the list of top stocks that qualify for ‘moderate’ risk appetite investors.
  • A ‘moderate’ risk investor is one who accepts certain risks but follows a balanced approach with an intermediate time horizon.
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Investing in stock markets is a serious business. And the key to successful investing is diversification and risk management. A moderate risk investor adopts a balanced approach between an aggressive and conservative investor— one who is willing to take modest risks to seek higher long-term returns.

IIFL Securities after analysing all the risk factors, recommends these stocks for ‘moderate’ risk appetite investors. The ‘moderate’ portfolio uses a multi-cap approach to reduce volatility.

August 2020: Model Portfolio - Direct Equity
Stocks‘Moderate’ Portfolio Allocation (%)YTD Growth (%)
SBI Life8%-9.55%
Bajaj Finance7%-18.05%
HDFC Asset Management Company8%-25.96%
Kajaria Ceramics7%-22.32%
ICICI Lombard General8%-2.15%
Cadila Healthcare8%53.70%
State Bank of India7%-42.82%
Bharti Airtel8%22.86%
Reliance Industries7%43%
Ashok Leyland8%-38.80%


Source: IIFL Securities

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