The best performing IPO of 2022, Adani Wilmar, is almost out of Nifty Midcap 100

Feb 7, 2023

By: Rounak Jain

Adani Wilmar almost out of the top 100 most valuable companies on Nifty

The rout in Adani Group stocks has brought Adani Wilmar to the edge of the top 100 most valuable companies on Nifty – it is currently the 98th most valuable company on Nifty.

Credit: Adani-Wilmar

Adani Wilmar’s stock has lost over half of its value from its peak

Adani Wilmar’s stock price has lost over half of its value from its peak – its share price is down nearly 55 percent, with the market cap falling to ₹51,800 crore from ₹1.14 lakh crore.

Credit: Adani-Wilmar

Down 30 percent since January 24

Since the Hindenburg report was released on January 24, Adani Wilmar’s stock is down over 30 percent, eroding ₹23,626 crore in market cap.

Credit: Adani-Wilmar

Adani Wilmar hit a peak in April 2022, amidst the Russia-Ukraine war

Adani Wilmar’s shares hit a peak of ₹878 in April 2022, months after debuting on the stock exchanges, and weeks into the Russia-Ukraine war.

Credit: Adani-Wilmar

Top IPO performer in 2022

Adani Wilmar emerged as the top performing IPO in 2022. The shareholders who subscribed to the issue saw 183 percent returns by the end of the year.

Credit: Adani-Wilmar

Adani Wilmar benefited from a spike in edible oil prices last year

Boiling edible oil prices due to the Russia-Ukraine war benefited Adani Wilmar, which reported a 46 percent rise in revenue in FY22. Edible oils contributed ₹4 out of every ₹5 of its sales.

Credit: Canva

Here’s how much debt Adani Wilmar has

Adani Wilmar has a debt of ₹3,114 crore according to the company’s latest filings. Total cash in its books stood at ₹4,092 crore.

Credit: Canva

Here are some of the popular products of Adani Wilmar

Fortune brand of edible oils, Kohinoor brand of rice, which is widely known for its basmati rice, are the two popular brands owned by Adani Wilmar. It acquired the Kohinoor brand in May 2022.

Credit: Adani-Wilmar

Inorganic growth in the company’s expansion strategy

“Going forward, we will focus more on inorganic growth and strategic investments in the food space,” said Angshu Mallick, the managing director and CEO of Adani Wilmar at the end of FY22.

Credit: Canva

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