Prices of Pink Himalayan Salt are high- Here’s Why

Prices of Pink Himalayan Salt are high- Here’s Why
Salt is one of the most consumed condiment across the globe and is used in a number of delicacies. However, too much salt is known to be dangerous due to the potential harm by excessive sodium chloride in the body. Pink Himalayan salt seems to be a great option.

For years, people have been searching for alternatives of the common salt. Different types of salt that have been discovered are -

  1. Common salt
  2. Sea salt
  3. Rock salt
  4. Pink Himalayan salt

All the above have been extracted from various sources. Sea salt is basically dried up salt from the sea and contains the minerals untouched. Rock salt is mined and is known to comprise a few more elements than sea salt.

The pink Himalayan salt is known to ace them all. It is nearly 20 times more expensive than the common salt!

Here are a few highlights of the pink Himalayan salt.

  1. Mines
Murray river in Australia, Maras in Peru and majorly Pakistan are the sites of extraction for this pink salt. The base of the Himalayas form the largest mine of Khewra mine, which produces 3,50,000 tons of pink salt every year.

  1. Properties
Despite all of its popularity, pink salt consists of 98% of sodium chloride and the other important minerals like magnesium altogether make it up to a mere 2%, with no proven benefits so far.

Even in taste, after being reviewed by several people, the salt isn’t found to be any different than the table salt or maybe just a bit sour.

  1. Popularity
Then how did it gain so much popularity?

The pink Himalayan salt is naturally pink is sought of a s a luxury. This made it an instant hit on Instagram and lead to its current popularity. The products made from this salt are being sold at huge prices and it’s expected that the supply of this salt is bound to increase multifolds owing to its increasing craze, which looks pretty baseless.

Everything that glitters isn’t gold, and maybe one can say that the popular pink Himalayan salt is one of those, having no reason why it is so much more expensive than the table salt.