Jennifer Jordan to speak at the Business Insider Global Trends Festival 2020 on leadership in the digital age

Jennifer Jordan to speak at the Business Insider Global Trends Festival 2020 on leadership in the digital age
Jennifer Jordan.Business Insider
  • Global Trends Festival is one of the world's most prestigious events which will be live from Oct 19-23.
  • While nobel laureates, some of the biggest political and corporate icons will provide thought leadership, it's a great platform to network with CXOs from around the world.
  • Global Trends Festival 2020 is presented by AWS.
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Business Insider is proud to announce that Jennifer Jordan will speak at the inaugural BI Global Trends Festival, a virtual event taking place October 19-23, 2020.Jordan's work in the field of digital leadership, ethics, power, and morality has been quoted by other scientists almost 1,500 times.

Last year Jordan published the result of six months' research conducted in cooperation with the Global Business Digital Transformation Centre among representatives of companies all over the world.

The result of the work was to identify a few features that are shared by the most effective leaders in the era of digital transformation.

These are:

Humility: They can take feedback and admit that others know more than they do.

Adaptability: Leaders accept that change is constant and that changing their mindset based on new information is a strength rather than a weakness.

Vision: They have a clear picture of the long-term goal, even in the face of short-term uncertainty.

Engagement: They have a willingness to listen, interact, and communicate. They take internal and external feedback and have a strong sense of interest and curiosity about emerging trends.

Exceptional attentiveness: They constantly scan internal and external environments for opportunities and threats.

Decision awareness: They use data and information to make decisions, which must be evidence-based.

Speed: They work fast and value speed over perfection.

Hear Jordan talk about the future of work at the Business Insider Global Trends Festival. Get your tickets today.