Sunny Leone nails the grilling interview with aplomb, shows the world how to do it and not walk off like politicos

Sunny Leone nails the grilling interview with aplomb, shows the world how to do it and not walk off like politicosHow do you shame someone who has no regrets in life? Tough nut to crack, isn’t it? That’s exactly how Sunny Leone comes across as. The most googled woman in India, who even surpasses the fanclub of our most popular Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is not in awe of her stardom or whatever it can be called.

She has been cited as the reason for India’s falling moral standards, for ‘misleading’ the youth of the country with her porn star image. Sunny Leone has only one regret and that has nothing to do with her professional life.

In a recent television interview with senior journalist Bhupendra Chaubey, Leone said she still has remorse over the fact that she couldn’t reach home any faster when her mother died. “Except for that, I have no other regrets,” she said confidently.

In fact, Chaubey seemed to have come prepared to attack her on morality issues.

Chiding her and complimenting her in turns, he tried his best to tell Leone she was not something the nation would be proud of. But Karenjit Kaur Vohra, aka Sunny Leone, took none of it.


Her take was simple. I do, what I do, I enjoy whatever I am doing; if you feel offended by my being and choices, feel free to do so. “People’s negativity doesn’t affect me,” she said in a voice that exuded conviction and determination.

Majority of social media seemed to be in support of her, and also stood against Chaubey for the tone of his interview, which had dark shades of very righteous and glorifying elements aplenty.

The 34-year-old Canada born lass ain’t being apologetic about politicians commenting about her influence on India’s youth though there have been numerous instances in the past where she has been squarely and unfairly blamed for poor opinion against women in the country.

“Am I going to be disturbed about this? No! Am I so important that politicians need to spend their time commenting about me, my life and my work,” she says on a serious note, before jocularly adding “I will wait for American politicians to mention me in their speeches!”

Leone, ho made a foray into Hindi films few years ago, admitted to the chaos in film industry and it is the only thing that has frazzled her.

“Looks like there is an order to the chaos in film industry. It’s like everyone knows things will work in some series. I am the only one who stresses out about things going wrong,” Leone said, indicating she still has some distance to go before getting used to the way things work in an unorganized sector called the entertainment industry.

Apart from work, there is nothing else that seems to bother her at the outset. However, it is also pretty evident from that twinkle in her eyes that she is here for a good time. When that ends, she won’t waste even a moment before packing her bags for good.

All the popularity whether good or bad, seems to be doing her simply good. Even in the past, Leone had admitted to the fact that her revenue driven website was receiving most of the traffic from India. “More than 60% of my visitors are from India” she had said, and this has only increased her stake as an actor.

She knows her economy better than her public image. This is probably the reason why she even did an interview that was not positioned in her favour. She has very less to lose, especially to journalists, when it comes to reaching the category of men and women she caters to.

A PETA activist, Leone is highly focused and sensitive to many issues and she crafts her opinions with some sort of ‘on-the-feet’ thinking that other stars can only dream about. She isn’t noisy, or isn’t crass in her approach towards what keeps her life ticking at the moment. When she says work is interesting, she means every word that she says.

Whether it is Mahesh Bhatt’s Jism 2 or Ragini MMS, or Ek Paheli Leela or even the most recent Mastizaade, Leone is at home with her selection of scripts based on the image that she has carved for herself so far.

“I like acting. I am an entertainer” she says, noting the big difference between the two words and what they mean in the film industry. Her small tinge of nervousness notwithstanding, Leone’s interview was something that revealed her sensitive and sensible side, without being loud and garish. No feminism, no sloganeering, no justification – just a clean, simple and to the point responses that were more of introspective comments than being reactionary.

Sunny Leone has this warm disposition about her that places her well above the rest in the league. And, she is good at securing her place, wherever she chooses to stay.



(Image: Indiatimes/Video: YouTube)