Living sustainably: Here are 10 tips to get you started

Sustainability can begin at home and adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle not only contributes to a healthy environment but can also improve your general well-being. Here are 10 ways you can live sustainably at home:

Nov 22, 2022


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Unplug all devices

Even after you switch off the electricity, plugged in chargers still consume a significant amount of power. It is essential to unplug all your devices. Additionally, avoid ironing on wet clothes, limit power usage at peak times, and bring out items like milk and vegetables from the fridge before heating them.

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Repurpose cosmetic containers

Over 120 billion units of packaging are used by the global beauty industry. Make travel sized containers, opt for a vanity bag, keep pins in old lipsticks, send plastic caps to a recycling company or opt for an eco-friendly cosmetic brand. One can also reuse perfume bottles and use DIY face masks with ingredients that suit your skin.

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Cook in rather than takeout

Cooking in your home serves to save both money and the environment. Limiting takeout to once a week or pre-planning your meals to avoid impulse purchases are some of the simpler ways to do your bit for the environment that also benefit your health.

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Be wary of toiletries

Another waste generation pit are our toiletries. Use travel size containers, opt for refill packets instead of buying new bottles every time, use soap instead of gels, use silk floss, opt for bamboo cotton buds, consider plastic free menstrual cups, biodegradable combs, buy jute made brush and copper tongue cleaners.

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Eco-friendly clothing

There are brands that teach you how to repurpose or redesign your old clothes. You can also opt for colors or clothing items that are easily paired, so that multiple outfits can be created using the same items. Avoiding fast fashion or shopping from local brands is another step towards sustainable clothing.

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Use eco-friendly home decor

This applies to repurposing materials, like your rug and using eco-friendly products from brands who employ a sustainable approach to production. For inspiration, you can even follow or read about eco-friendly DIY tips by experts online.

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Low VOC paint

Did you know that paints in our home can contribute to ill health, reducing the indoor air quality of your home? Next time, opt for Low or no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint.

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Use eco-friendly stationery

It is exciting to buy stationery products for our daily needs but the emphasis should be on need rather than want. One can shop for sustainable stationery products like eco-friendly pens and pencils, diaries, and finish using one notebook before buying a new one.

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Eco Friendly kitchen

Using wooden or copper plates, creating compost from kitchen waste, usage of earthen utensils (mitthi ka ghada), changing bulbs to LEDs are some examples. Opt for multipurpose kitchen appliances to reduce stocking of gadgets we use only once in a while. While cooking, remember yellow flame means your burner needs cleaning.

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Avoid impromptu grocery shopping

Make your local grocery store your best friend and avoid going to big malls or marts as variety creates distraction and results in impulse grocery shopping. Prepare a list before you go out and try sticking to it by planning your meals in advance.

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