Take Our Money Now: Here's A Kickstarter Project For Foam Swords With Electronic Scoring

Sabertron is a Kickstarter project that hearkens back to more youthful days when fun was fun for its own sake - it's a foam swordfighting set with electronic scoring. As the project's tagline goes, "How is this not a thing yet?"

It's a creation by David Lynch - no, not that one, but a computer engineer in Austin, Texas. Using an accelerometer just like what you'd find in a standard smartphone, the harmless foam swords can distinguish between successful blocks and "lethal" blows against your opponent, keeping track of who's doing more damage to whom, and displaying your "health" by way of LEDs in the handle.
It's "swordplay, minus the whole death thing."

You can support the project by pledging $99 in exchange for two swords. At that price point, you have your choice between a pair medieval-style swords with stylized guards, grips, and pommels, or a pair of "lightswords" that glow in various colors, just like the weapons from a certain classic sci-fi movie.

There are various other goodies being offered in exchange for pledges at different amounts, like a poster that's been signed by the cast of the (fun, silly) pitch video for $25, or various premium swords that start at $139. As it's currently raised $43,000 of its $50,000 goal with 25 days of fundraising to go, it seems nearly certain to be a success.

Check out a picture of the poster that's being offered below: