TCS and Cisco experimented a cloud service with a large insurer — and now they are ready to launch

TCS and Cisco experimented a cloud service with a large insurer — and now they are ready to launch
Tata Consultancy Services partners with Cisco to launch a new software to manage cloud technology for businessesIANS

  • Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) has partnered with Cisco to revamp its Enterprise Cloud Platform (ECP).
  • As more businesses hop onto multiple clouds, the new software aims to help streamline the workflow processes and fluctuations.
  • The aim is also to make sure that security and policy positions across different clouds in different regions is consistent.
Tata Consultancy Services ( TCS) and Cisco are launching their own software to help businesses get on the cloud.

The initiative combines TCS' Enterprise Cloud Platform (ECP), which delegates business operations across different cloud services, with Cisco's ACI for security.

"With the growing adoption of multi-cloud strategies, enterprises are looking for a simplified operating model with a consistent policy, security, and visibility," said Satishchandra Doreswamy, vice-president and global head of Cloud Infrastructure Practice at TCS.
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Cisco claims that when the platform was testing for a large insurance customer, which they did not name, there was a 60% decrease in firewall traffic and high reductions in total ownership costs across different regions.

How it works


Enterprises are becoming more digital in order to reign in new revenue streams and grow faster. At the same time, upgrading workflows to the cloud has its challenges — like governance, compliance, flexibility and the optimisation of cost.

The point of the collaboration is to streamline everything but in a secure way, according to Cisco.

When companies are operating across multiple clouds, each cloud has its own function to perform. If there is a change in the workload of one cloud, it could mean consecutive changes in other clouds as well.

TCS and Cisco's new software will help clients determine how they can make those changes while keeping their ownership costs low.

At the same time, since these servers are placed in different geographies, the regulations have to be consistent. So, the software will help businesses figure which clouds to use in order to stay compliant as well as secure.

Keeping those factors in mind, any internal changes or external changes would impact the business less and result in lower total cost of ownership.

Plans to grow

Currently, TCS has Enterprise Cloud Centers in 13 locations around the world with plans of launching its first center in India soon.

"We currently have a platform-as-a-service offering called iON for SMBs, but we want to offer multi-cloud operations, so that enterprises don't have to choose between private and public cloud but can store data depending on the data," said Venkat Babu, head of solutions for Enterprise Cloud Platforms at TCS, during the Cisco India Summit last week.

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