Best 3 pin laptop power cable adapter in India

Best 3 pin laptop power cable adapter in India
Laptops are key essentials in a professional's everyday life. Even though laptops these days have long-lasting battery life, they need to be plugged into the wall for charging. If your laptop power cable has gone for a toss, then there are some good replacement options suited for your system. If you happen to have a laptop from overseas, there are replacement cables that you can pick up. This helps increase the life of your laptop battery. Here are some of the best 3 pin laptop power cable adapters available on Amazon.

WOLFSTONE 3 Pin Laptop Power Cable

Best 3 pin laptop power cable adapter in India
Here's a high quality 3 pin laptop power cable of 1.5 metres. The power cable cord works for laptops, desktops, PCs, printers and even LED as well as LCD monitors, along with projectors.The polarized power cable is designed to connect a wall socket and your laptop or notebook power brick. It has a soft and stretch-resistant design, built for durability and dependability. The company claims it should be compatible with HP, Dell, Lenovo, Sony Vaio, Toshiba, Wipro, LG, Asus, Samsung, IBM, Acer and most other laptop adapters. Has protection against overcharging, surging, overheating and lots more.

ONE-S Computer Power Cable Cord

Best 3 pin laptop power cable adapter in India
Here’s a versatile laptop power cable that is suitable for many appliances including standard laptop computers, video game consoles, notebooks, printers, LCD TFT or CRT Monitors, audio equipment and amps, and many more electronics. It can power all these devices using the 3-prong power cable. It is easy to use and has no installation requirements-simply plug it into your laptop or other appliance and you can expect it to work. Suitable for use with laptops, computers, gaming consoles and more appliances.

FEDUS Power Cord 3M 9.8Feet Replacement Power Cable

Best 3 pin laptop power cable adapter in India
Here’s an 18 AWG large wire gauge for heavy-duty use. It has a fully moulded design for maximum durability and long life. The female to male cable connects from your equipment socket to a standard 3 pin 120V~240V AC outlet receptacle. It is convenient as a replacement for the overused, old, broken or damaged power cord. It can be used to add extra distance or extension between devices for convenience. It comes with protection against overheating, over current, over-voltage and short circuits. The 3-meter length makes it one of the most effective power cables that can also be used on the go.

Storite 2.5m Standard UK Power Cable with Fuse

Best 3 pin laptop power cable adapter in India
If you’ve got a laptop from overseas, and the charger is fried, this UK power cable can help you out. It has a C13 cord design, and as it turns out, the C13 power cord is commonly used for desktop computers, monitors, or any other similar devices. To enhance functionality and what it can do and be used with, it has a fully moulded ergonomic design with shock-resistant insulated prongs as well as a safety fuse. Best for using as a replacement for laptops and appliances brought from overseas.

Dell K257C Laptop Power Cord

Best 3 pin laptop power cable adapter in India
If durability and long term use is what you’re looking for, then this power cord from Dell will come in handy. It is made up of ABS plastic which doesn’t give way very easily and ensures that the cable lasts much longer than others in the competition. It has a maximum voltage of 240V, which is enough to power monitors, laptops and other electronic devices. Black cable with 240V output. It is made of ABS for durability.

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