Best BLDC ceiling fans in India

Best BLDC ceiling fans in India
Modern homes require fast, reliable and high end technologies embedded into regular everyday appliances. This extends to everyday ceiling fans, which, thanks to modern technology, are fast, effective and help conserve energy. Not just that, many new fans come with wi-fi and remote functionality, which means you needn’t get up from your comfort to switch on or off the fan. Incidentally, many new modern fans come with embedded lights. BLDC (Brushless Direct Current Motor) uses less energy and is more effective, so here are some of the best fans with such motors on Amazon.

Crompton Energion HS 1200 mm BLDC Ceiling Fan

Best BLDC ceiling fans in India
An efficient and stylish fan, this one is sure to improve the airflow in your room and help you cool down during sultry summer days. It sports a 5 star energy efficiency rating, thanks to the BLDC motor, which generates less heat, and requires less energy to work off of. The fan has a speed of 370 rpm, good enough for medium and slightly larger rooms. The fan comes with a remote control as well, which has buttons for choosing a fan speed, as well as dedicated timer buttons, which let you schedule the fan operation. The fan can automatically switch off after a set duration, which is quite handy.

Atomberg Renesa 1200mm BLDC Motor with Remote

Best BLDC ceiling fans in India
If you’re looking for a fan that can add a touch of style and personality to your room of choice, this is the one to opt for. Not only is it feature packed with 1200mm blades, a BLDC motor, remote control operation, but also embedded LED lights, which can be used as a nightlight or mood lighting. The fan uses less energy and less wattage to function, cutting down on costs in the long run. It has a spin speed of 340 rpm, while the remote control offers timer, sleep, fan speed and light controls. It is energy efficient, which makes you save on costs, especially in the long run.

Atomberg Efficio 1400mm BLDC Ceiling Fan

Best BLDC ceiling fans in India
Adding not just air circulation to your room, but also a new light source, this fan has large blades for optimal area coverage, and for airflow at all corners of the room. It has a bright white LED light at the centre, which can be handy as a nightlight or an easy to turn on light source. It can be remotely operated, along with the fan itself. The remote opens up the possibility of setting timers for the fan, and naturally, for controlling the speed itself. There are brightness modes as well. If you’re looking for a good all round fan, this can be a good pick for you.

Havells Efficiencia Neo 1200mm BLDC Motor with remote Ceiling Fan

Best BLDC ceiling fans in India
Adding a sense of style and personality to the room, this BLDC motor fan is efficient and effective. It sports 1200mm blades, which are large enough to dispel air all around the room, even if it is slightly large. The fan is remote controlled, meaning you can change the speed and light brightness at the touch of a button. It also brings timer functionality, which automatically switches the fan off after a set duration, ideal for conserving energy. Its stylish design can enhance the look of the room.

Orient Electric I-Tome 1200mm BLDC ceiling fan

Best BLDC ceiling fans in India
A sleek looking fan, this one is built for the modern Indian home. The fan is noiseless, high speed and efficient. It operates at a speed of 370 rpm, which offers ample airflow. The fan sports a BLDC motor, which uses magnets rather than electromagnets, which are efficient and help cut down on operating costs. With the included remote, you only need to switch the fan on from the switch, while the remote can change speeds, add a fan speed boost, and even allow you to set timers. The fan is fast, and by switching on the boost mode, you can get good cooling results.

ZENTAX 1200 mm 5-Star BLDC Ceiling Fan

Best BLDC ceiling fans in India
A high efficiency, 5 star rated ceiling fan, this offering from Zentax is an ideal upgrade to your current cooling setup. The fan has an appealing design, which means you can place it in living and drawing rooms, without worrying about the aesthetics. The fan has a top speed of 365 RPM, making for wide air circulation and ample airflow. Incidentally, you can also make the most of the included remote control, which lets you change fan speed, and operate it from anywhere in the room. Available at an affordable price, the fan has a good design.

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