Best fitness bands to monitor your activities

Best fitness bands to monitor your activities
Modern problems require modern solutions, and if your lifestyle needs you to change your fitness habits, it is a good idea to invest in a fitness tracker, or a smartwatch with all the high end functionality. Smartwatches can be used as an extension of your phone, while also giving you vital information about your body at a glance. These days, thanks to modern technology, smartwatch sensors can track body functions such as heart rate, stress levels, blood oxygen levels, and lots more. So, here are some fitness bands that can monitor your stress levels.

Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Health & Fitness Tracker

Best fitness bands to monitor your activities
Here’s a smart fitness band that helps you understand how your body reacts to stress– it has a daily stress management score and measures your body’s in-the-moment physical response with an on-wrist EDA Scan app. There are many mindfulness tools and a detailed breakdown of your Stress Management Score available on the smartphone app for the band. It also keeps a track of your sleep cycles with help of a daily sleep score and graphs of your light, deep and REM sleep. It is a versatile fitness band with ample functionality. With highly accurate tracking of your activities, it is the most reliable pick for professionals.

Noise X-Fit 1 (HRX Edition) Smart Watch

Best fitness bands to monitor your activities
If you’re looking for something that’s stylish, as well as functional, and has a good screen, the X-Fit 1 is the perfect pick. The smart watch offers a 1.52-inch screen, which is large enough to show all important vital information at a glance, while also allowing the user to use a multitude of applications and support features. The smartwatch is great as a fitness monitor, and can even track bodily functions such as stress levels, sleep, heart rate and more. The company claims a 10 day battery life on this smart watch. The watch has a cool design, and the straps can be interchanged when you feel like it.

Mi Smart Band 6

Best fitness bands to monitor your activities
The Mi Smart band 6 is an all inclusive fitness band sporting a host of sensors and trackers to keep a check on your workouts. The fitness monitor can track SpO2 levels in the body, continuously keep a track on the heart rate, monitor stress and sleep. This is apart from the 30 sports modes, which includes hiking, cycling, trekking, swimming, as well as a host of other indoor and outdoor workout tracking. The band has a tall 1.56-inch display that shows vital information at a glance. The band has a host of functions which help you make your workouts more effective.

Fitbit Luxe Fitness and Wellness Tracker

Best fitness bands to monitor your activities
The Fitbit luxe is a reliable tracker for all kinds of workout enthusiasts. The fitness band is ideal for use by professionals as well as casual users. It can keep track of all kinds of workouts including swimming, trekking, cycling, walking or gym sessions. With a comprehensive overview of your calories burnt, time spent working out, and the key body stats, you can make your fitness sessions a lot more efficient. The smart band also has SpO2 monitoring, as well as a stress tracker that keeps a check on your overall body functions. With a host of features and fitness tracking techniques, it is a must have for serious athletes.

Redmi Smart Band Pro

Best fitness bands to monitor your activities
A relatively affordable pick, the Redmi Smart band pro comes with a tall, rectangular screen which helps show all vital information at a glance. The watch face can be customized to suit your needs and show the stats that are most important to you. This fitness tracker has support for activity monitoring around the clock, and it extends to keeping a check on your body as a whole. It also houses an always-on display, as well as a claimed 14-day battery life, which keeps you at peak performance without worrying about the charge. It has a good screen which can be customized to show the data you want.

HONOR Band 6 Smartwatch

Best fitness bands to monitor your activities
A feature rich smartwatch cum fitness tracker built for the modern day user, the Honor Band 6 comes with a sleek design as well as versatile functionality to meet the requirements of every type of user. There are many activity tracking modes, including indoor and outdoor workout sessions, swimming, cycling and sports modes. The watch also monitors blood oxygen levels, heart rate and stress. If you plan on using the watch as an extension of your smartphone, that will be possible too. It has good functionality, as well as a reliable battery.

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