Best soundbars for 55-inch TVs

Best soundbars for 55-inch TVs
If you’ve just got a brand new 55-inch TV, there’s one way you can improve upon your multimedia experience– installing an all new soundbar. Some soundbars are designed to be used with large TVs, lending them a unique style, not only in terms of audio, but design as well.With such a large TV, the soundbar needs to be dynamic, and up to the same level of your TV. Looking for a soundbar with no goal can lead you to make the wrong choice, so here’s a list of some of the best soundbars that go hand in hand with large TVs, making for dynamic audio and video experiences. Here are some of the best soundbars that can elegantly fit under 55-inch TVs.

LG SL4 2.1 Ch Sound Bar, 300W

Best soundbars for 55-inch TVs
With a modern and stylish design, this LG offering is a great pick not just in terms of audio quality, but also in terms of style and overall design. This offering from LG is built to output audio that’s music even to the most serious audiophiles’ ears. It sports an external subwoofer that helps deliver dynamic and punchy audio no matter the content. It has a power output of 300W, which means it can get really loud, while retaining audio quality. This makes it ideal for cinematic experiences, as well as for music and gaming. Completely wireless, it is sure to add immersion to multimedia experiences.

Samsung 5.1 Channel Wireless Soundbar, 360W

Best soundbars for 55-inch TVs
If you’re looking for something with good sound quality, a stylish design, and a focus on providing a truly cinematic experience, this is the pick to go for. It sports a 5.1channel setup, which includes a 4 speaker soundbar and an external subwoofer, connected to one another wirelessly. This means you can set it up even in large rooms, without worrying about wire length. The sound bar presents dynamic audio, and can recognize the content to tune the audio towards it. Despite being extremely loud, it keeps audio intact.

Sonos Wireless Compact Beam

Best soundbars for 55-inch TVs
A compact, wireless soundbar speaker from Sonos, it offers truly exquisite sound quality. The sound is meant to appeal to all manner of multimedia enjoyers. The soundbar is quite compact, and has a unique, all in one design. While it is compact, it sits well with 55-inch TVs, giving you ample space for a set top box, a game console or another input device for the TV. The soundbar has smart functionality, which supports Amazon Alexa. The sound output itself is crisp and detailed. It is Alexa enabled, and has good sound out of the box.

Sony Real 5.1ch Dolby Audio Soundbar

Best soundbars for 55-inch TVs
One of the most unique looking soundbars, it is built to work with 55-inch TVs as well as those that are larger. The soundbars are capable of complementing a large screen by bringing dynamic audio quality to any kind of multimedia. This includes games, videos, OTT content and lots more. It is a 5.1ch audio setup, which means it comes with two external speakers, as well as a subwoofer, which helps lend dynamic audio quality to everything on screen. The soundbar also supports Dolby Atmos and other high end technologies to enhance viewer experience. If you plan on expanding your multimedia horizon, this is the one for you.

LG SNH5 Bluetooth Sound bar, 600W

Best soundbars for 55-inch TVs
A highly advanced soundbar, this 600W output wireless audio device is the last upgrade to your home entertainment setup. It has support for Dolby Atmos audio, AI sound enhancements, and LG’s own Bass Blast +, which is a game changer in music and entertainment. The sound is detailed, and even at loud volumes, users won’t notice any kind of audio distortion. It comes with an external subwoofer. There are ample input options as well– bluetooth, line audio, as well as HDMI eARC. The AI helps fine tune the audio based on user preferences as well as the content played through.

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