Best ukuleles for beginners and professionals

Best ukuleles for beginners and professionals
Ukuleles are a great option for people wanting to play the guitar but are not ready for it yet. These are smaller and easier to play with your fingertips when compared to guitars. The best ukuleles come with soft strings so it’s easy to play, and have a good build with reliable wood materials. Ukuleles shouldn’t be considered inferior though as you would still need a good amount of skill to master them.

So if you’re planning to get a ukulele, here’s a list with some of the best options.

Kadence Concert Ukulele

Best ukuleles for beginners and professionals
This is a 24-inch concert ukulele from Kadence that’s arranged according to the standard GCEA keys so you should be able to play most of the popular songs. It features soft strings with ultra low action that make it easy to play. The ukulele also has brass gear tuners with a good sound effect for easy tuning. The headstock and soundboard of the uke are made of source while the fingerboard and bridge are made of rosewood. The ukulele also comes in a polyjet eco-friendly finish and is designed to be smooth to touch. This Kadence ukulele is ideal for adults, kids, beginners as well as professionals.

Kadence Wanderer Series Brown Mahogany wood Ukulele

Best ukuleles for beginners and professionals
This is a slightly smaller 21-inch ukulele from Kadence. The ukulele is said to produce optimal transfer of string vibration thanks to the properly balanced bone nut and saddle with a wooden bridge. It also has a tie-bar bridge for the nylon strings. The ukulele features a mahogany body which looks very classy and it is also said to fit comfortably in your hands. The ukulele also comes with a rosewood fretboard. You also get a bag and tuner with this Kadence 21-inch ukulele.

Soprano Ukulele Enya

Best ukuleles for beginners and professionals
This is another 21-inch ukulele that you can go for. It’s from the brand Enya and comes in a blue colour. This ukulele is ideal for beginners including kids, adults, intermediate players or even professionals. It has wider spaced frets and features a mahogany top with laminated mahogany back and sides. In addition to the uke, you get a 18:1 die-cast tuner machine so you can easily keep it in tune. Beginners can definitely get this Enya ukulele as it comes with online lessons, and you also get a gig bag, case, strap, strings and pick.

Juarez Soprano Ukulele

Best ukuleles for beginners and professionals
The Juarez 21-inch soprano ukulele features a sapele body and okoume neck that are designed to produce richer and brighter sound. It has a rosewood fingerboard and bridge for a comfortable playing feel, and nylon strings as well. The ukulele has metal chrome tuners, and ABS nut and saddle. The hand orientation for this ukulele is ambidextrous so both right and left handed people can play it. The Juarez ukulele comes in a matte finish and blue colour and you also get a gig bag and two picks along with it.

Vault UK-003 Soprano Ukulele

Best ukuleles for beginners and professionals
The Vault UK-003 is also a 21-inch soprano ukulele that you can get if you’re a beginner. It features a basswood top, back and side with the neck crafted from maple. The ukulele is also designed to produce a clean and direct sound. As for the fretboard, it is made from rosewood. The ukulele has Aquila strings, chrome nut machine heads, and it comes in a glossy finish. The strings are tuned to the common G, C, E and A keys. The Vault UK-003 comes in multiple colour options of black, red, blue, yellow and white.

Flight Designer Series TUS32 Sakura Travel Ukulele

Best ukuleles for beginners and professionals
This is a pretty ukulele with a sakura design from the brand Flight. The ukulele is made of linden wood with the back material made of ABS plastic. It also comes with chrome die-cast geared tuners and Aquila Sugar strings. In addition to the ukulele, you also get a gig bag along with it. The Flight Designer Series Sakura ukulele can be considered by beginners who want one with a good design.

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