Best wireless chargers for smartphones

Best wireless chargers for smartphones
Wireless charging is still not fast enough as wired charging but it’s still quite convenient. Also, there are multiple smartphones available these days that support wireless charging. It’s convenient as you can simply place it on the charging pad and leave it to charge. There are different types of wireless chargers depending on the speed, and also the design. Some are wireless charging pads while the others are charging stands.

Here’s a list of the best wireless charging pads for smartphones.

Anker Wireless Charger

Best wireless chargers for smartphones
This is a 10W wireless charging pad that’s compatible with iPhones and Android devices. In addition to smartphones, you can also charge wireless earbuds like AirPods and Galaxy Buds. Since the wireless charger supports the Qi standard, any Qi-enabled compatible device can be charged. The power output varies on the device such as 7.5W for iPhones, 10W for Samsung phones and 5W for other phone brands. For optimum results, it’s best to use a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 charging adapter.

Spigen F308W Compact Fast Wireless Charger

Best wireless chargers for smartphones
The Spigen F308W is also a wireless charging pad compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones. It features a smart IC chip protection, and also comes with heat control, and slip control as well. The charging pad has a premium design with a black leather pad. You also get fast wireless charging up to 10W for Samsung phones, and 7.5W for iPhones. The wireless charger is compatible with all popular phones like the Galaxy S21 series, iPhone 12 series, and OnePlus 9 series.

pTron Bullet Wireless WX21 15W Fast Charging Pad

Best wireless chargers for smartphones
The pTron Bullet wireless charging pad supports up to 15W fast wireless charging. To get the fastest wireless charging speed, it’s advised to use the appropriate adapters. The wireless charger also features a USB Type-C charging port and you also get a 1.2m long cable along with it. The wireless charger comes with low temperature and over voltage protection. It’s also lightweight and slim in design and features an anti-slip pad. There’s also an LED indicator light that displays green colour when the wireless charger is connected to the power source, and blue when a device is charging.

Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad Charger

Best wireless chargers for smartphones
The Anker PowerPort wireless charger is case-friendly which means that it can be used to charge phones with tough cases. The wireless charger is also certified safe which means it’s designed to withstand overvoltage. It also comes with temperature control and foreign object detection. You can use the Anker PowerPort wireless charger to charge Samsung phones, iPhones, and other compatible Android phones as well.

Yootech X1 Wireless Charger

Best wireless chargers for smartphones
If you don’t want a wireless charging pad you can go for this one which is a wireless charging stand. It also supports horizontal charging in addition to vertical charging. The Yootech X1 wireless charger also features a USB Type-C port and the cable comes bundled with it. You get up to 10W charging for Samsung phones, 7.5W for iPhones, and 5W for other Android phones. The wireless charger also has an LED indicator light that turns on once your device starts charging but it turns off after 16 seconds to avoid disturbance.

Spigen SteadiBoost Flex Fast Wireless Charger Stand

Best wireless chargers for smartphones
The Spigen SteadiBoost Flex is another wireless charging stand that you can consider. It is compatible with iPhones, Samsung and OnePlus, and other Qi-enabled devices. You can place your phone vertically as well as horizontally on the wireless charging pad. Since it’s a vertical stand it can also be used for video calls or video conferences. The Spigen SteadiBoost Flex supports up to 15W fast charging but the speed may vary with different devices.

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