Best wireless chargers in India at lowest price

Best wireless chargers in India at lowest price
Wireless charging has come a long way from being a niche feature to an increasingly common feature in modern smartphones. From iPhones to Android phones, there are now several affordable smartphones that support wireless charging. However, choosing the best wireless charger is not straightforward. You have to consider aspects like compatibility, capacity, charging speed and the number of devices that can be charged simultaneously. We have researched and listed out the best wireless chargers in India to make your task easy.

Anker 10W Wireless Charging Stand

Best wireless chargers in India at lowest price
The Anker 10W wireless charging stand is a widely used product that comes with Qi certification. It is an upright charger, so you have to simply place your phone on the stand and it will start charging wirelessly. Upright charging stands also make it easy to look at the phone for any new notifications. It supports all new models of iPhones, up to the iPhone 8 Plus, and other popular Android smartphones. It is one of the most popular wireless chargers available, offering compatibility with a wide range of smartphones.

Belkin Boost Up Qi (5W) Wireless Charger Pad

Best wireless chargers in India at lowest price
The Belkin Boost Up wireless charger is a trustworthy option if you want to ensure the maximum safety for your phone. It is a Qi certified wireless charger and is universally compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones. It can charge your smartphone at up to 5W speeds. It supports portrait mode orientation to allow you to easily chat or browse the internet while charging. Its clean and minimalist design, and temperature control feature makes it a good option worth considering.

Anker Qi-Certified Wireless Charger with PowerPort 5 Stand

Best wireless chargers in India at lowest price
The Anker wireless charger with PowerPort 5 stand promises to charge your smartphone 10% faster than other 5W wireless chargers. It sports a minimalistic design, so even when you don’t have a phone placed on it, it will look good on the table beside your bed or on your desk. It also allows you to place your smartphone vertically as well as horizontally, ensuring you get the best experience you want. It comes with various features like overvoltage protection, temperature control, foreign object detection and more.

Yootech X1 Wireless Charger Stand

Best wireless chargers in India at lowest price
The Yootech X1 wireless charger is another good option if you want an upright charger stand instead of the regular charging pad. It is Qi-certified and supports three charging modes – 10W, 7.5W and 5W. Apart from this, it also comes with two charging coils, which results in a bigger charging area when compared to the round wireless charging pad. It is a great alternative if you want an upright wireless charger, and its design also lets you use it as a phone stand to watch movies and more.

Raegr Arc 400 Wireless Charger

Best wireless chargers in India at lowest price
The Raegr Arc 400 is an elegant looking wireless charger that works well with a wide range of desks and bedside tables. It sports a matte black design with only the logo and a blue charging indicator. It is a Qi-certified charger and supports 10W, 7.5W and 5W charging modes. Its elegant and slim design along with the features makes it a great option in its segment.

Mi Wireless Power Bank 10000mAh

Best wireless chargers in India at lowest price
The Mi Wireless Power Bank is an interesting alternative option that combines wireless charging with a power bank. This makes it a great option for when you want to use wireless charging but don't have access to a power outlet. It has a 10,000mAh battery and supports 10W wireless charging. It is rated to fully charge a 3,000mAh phone battery 2 times. It is two products combined in one, so you get to enjoy truly wireless charging thanks to the built-in battery.

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