Best wireless handheld microphones for parties and events

Best wireless handheld microphones for parties and events
Wireless handheld microphones are great as you don’t need to deal with wires coming in your way and getting entangled. Sure there are some limitations like running out of charge but wireless microphones offer more flexibility and a clean stage setup. The best wireless mics come with a long operating range, have built-in mixers, and offer separate volume controls. If you’re looking for wireless microphones for your next party, event or any occasion, we’ve narrowed some options.

Here’s a list of the best wireless handheld microphones.

FIFINE K036 UHF Dual Channel Wireless Handheld Microphones

Best wireless handheld microphones for parties and events
This is a dual set of wireless handheld microphones from FIFINE. The wireless microphone has an operating range of 80 feet, and it’s said to offer an uninterrupted sound. There’s a separate volume control for each wireless microphone. It also features an adjustable echo effect, and you can mix the microphone signal with music signal without using a mixer. It also has a compact metal receiver which provides stronger anti-interference ability than the plastic ones. The FIFINE K036 wireless microphones are recommended for karaoke, parties, school functions and events.

Alvoxcon Dual UHF Dynamic Handheld Wireless Microphone System

Best wireless handheld microphones for parties and events
The Alvoxcon dual UHF dynamic wireless microphone system has a distance range of 130 feet, and is designed to offer 0 ms latency. It has a large diaphragm dynamic capsule, and also an LED display on the microphone. The wireless microphone is designed to offer a stable performance, and it also has 20 selectable channels. It’s a good-looking wireless microphone that is recommended for parties, vocal recordings, singing, karaoke, and stage performances.

Studiomaster XR 40HH Dual Hand Wireless Microphone

Best wireless handheld microphones for parties and events
This is another pair of wireless handheld microphones that you can go for. It’s from the brand Studiomaster, and the microphones come in black colour. The wireless microphones feature an individual channel output with level control and mix output. There’s also a display on the Transmitter and Receiver for frequency indication. The Studiomaster XR 40HH wireless microphones are designed to offer superior vocals and speech reproduction.

Ahuja Wireless Microphone AWM-700U2

Best wireless handheld microphones for parties and events
This is another dual set of wireless microphones from the brand Ahuja that you can go for. It is a high performance dual channel wireless microphone with eight pairs of frequencies. There are separate volume controls for each microphone on the front panel of the receiver. You also get two handheld dynamic transmitters with each operating on AA pencil batteries. The wireless microphones also provide a separate balanced audio output from each channel, and an unbalanced mixed output from the receiver. The Ahuja AWM-700U2 wireless microphone set is recommended for parties, school functions and events.

Ahuja Cordless Handheld Microphone AWM520VH

Best wireless handheld microphones for parties and events
This is a single wireless handheld microphone from Ahuja. It comes with a power on/off switch and output volume control on the front panel. The microphone features a 6.3mm phone jack for audio output on the rear panel. It’s a dynamic unidirectional microphone with a three position slide switch and low battery LED indicator. The wireless microphone operates on 1 9V battery while the receiver operates on 9V DC through an AC adapter. You get a table-top receiver with a telescopic antenna and noise squelch circuitry. The Ahuja AWM520VH is recommended if you’re looking for a single wireless microphone.

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