Check out these soundbars for loud audio output

Check out these soundbars for loud audio output
Simply put, the more wattage your soundbar has, the louder it can get. Since soundbars use high end audio technologies, they ensure that sound is always kept intact, rich, and detailed. At any rate, if you’re a multimedia enjoyer, installing a soundbar in your medium sized entertainment room is a good idea. When looking for a soundbar, the wattage is the key component, and for a medium room, a soundbar with atleast 150W output should be ideal. Picking a soundbar can be quite a task, so here are some of the top 150W or higher soundbars on Amazon.

Boat Aavante Bar 160 Watt 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar

Check out these soundbars for loud audio output
One of the most value for money options in this list, it has a good audio output, not to mention the reliable audio quality. This extends to all sorts of content, not just music. You can use it to enhance your gaming experience, or movie nights– this soundbar immerses you in content and puts you at the heart of things. It has a 160W output, which is enough for medium-sized rooms as well as a subwoofer and a remote control. At a low cost, it offers lots of features and good sound quality ideal for most users.

JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass, Dolby Digital Soundbar

Check out these soundbars for loud audio output
This soundbar from JBL offers a sound output of 300W. It comes with a 6.5-inch wireless subwoofer to enhance the sound and bass. The soundbar is easy to connect with HDMI ARC & optical cable or can be conveniently connected via Bluetooth. The sleek and premium finish should uplift the look of the home decor. The soundbar is easy to set up and connect.

Blaupunkt Germany's 220W Dolby Soundbar

Check out these soundbars for loud audio output
A high quality soundbar from Blaupunkt, a trusted audio peripheral maker, this one sports a 220W audio output. This makes it ideal for not just medium rooms, but even those that are slightly larger, optimal if your entertainment space is large. At any rate, the soundbar offers impressive audio quality on all fronts and multimedia. It comes with an external subwoofer, a remote, and a stylish design which adds personality to the room. You can hook up the soundbar to different input sources via HDMI eARC, bluetooth and line audio. It has reliable and consistent audio, which is backed by an external subwoofer.

Polk Audio Bluetooth Soundbar

Check out these soundbars for loud audio output
If you’re looking for something with high end functionality, good features and detailed audio output, this Polk Soundbar is for you. It is quite compact, but don’t let that fool you– it gets plenty loud, while maintaining rich audio details. The soundbar has a 150W output, and sports 4 inbuilt speakers. There is a wirelessly connected external subwoofer. The soundbar itself is feature rich, and ideal for movie viewing or gaming. There are multiple connection options, not to mention the simple setup and user experience. Apart from the compact size and loud audio, the soundbar is quite feature rich.

LG SL4 300W 2.1 Ch Sound Bar

Check out these soundbars for loud audio output
Another value for money pick, the LG SL4 offers detailed audio output, paired with a simple and functional design. The soundbar has an audio output of 300W, which is enough to medium and even large rooms, especially home theatres and movie screening rooms. The external subwoofer helps make the sound a lot more dynamic and versatile. Speaking of versatile, it is great for all kinds of multimedia. Also, it can connect to multiple devices via various different connection methods. It offers really good sound quality for the price.

Samsung 2.1 Channel with Wireless Subwoofer

Check out these soundbars for loud audio output
If you’re looking for something with great audio output, and a wide range of functionality, this is the right pick. It has a 320W audio output as well as an external subwoofer, which makes for top notch audio in movies, games, music videos and other multimedia content. The soundbar is rich, dynamic and goes well with medium sized entertainment setups. It has several sound modes, such as surround sound expansion, game mode, smart mode, DTS Virtual X as well as a standard mode. It has a high power output, which means it gets very loud, ideal for large rooms and large TVs.

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