Indian tech majors are bringing in their expertise to Indian start-ups for mutual benefits

If you were thinking that tech majors in India are only investing money in start-ups belonging to their industry, you might be in for a shock, since corporates are also sharing their technical expertise and network with start-ups so that they can reach new heights. This is, of course, being done for mutual benefits of both the majors and the start-ups.

While the start-ups get the technical expertise and network, the corporates, in turn, get innovative techniques and new ideas.

In recent weeks, a number of tech giants, viz. SAP Labs, Autodesk, Cisco and Amazon Web Services, announced their engagements and associations with Indian start-ups.

The global companies operating in the country are looking for start-ups that can align with their business strategy for India, which includes developing new solutions to finding new markets for the existing techniques.

Even though being a part of a full-time corporate programme is no less than a risk for a growth-stage company, the benefits definitely outnumber the concerns about its growth.

"The benefits of association with SAP will work both ways - in terms of educating our customer base the benefits of the SAP gateway solutions as well as using SAP's network of companies to scale the base for Moglix," Rahul Garg, founder of B2B ecommerce start-up Moglix, told ET. Moglix is a part of the 12-month long SAP Startup Studio programme.

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