Today's top tech news: Netflix, Amazon Prime subject to regulation as Facebook uses your data to up its game

Today's top tech news: Netflix, Amazon Prime subject to regulation as Facebook uses your data to up its game

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1. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar next in line to face new regulations in India
The Indian government’s telecom regulator is now looking that OTT players in the Indian market. And, this time it’s not about the content — it’s about what the companies are doing with your data.

2. Facebook is using its trove of data on 2.4 billion people to build maps to help fight diseases
Facebook says its working on maps to help fight off disease outbreaks. But, it’s doing that using user data and tracking the movement of users. So anyone with a Facebook account, a phone and location tracking is being watched by the company.

3. Facebook finally revealed what its secretive robotics division is working on, and it could spark new competition with rivals like Google and Apple
The global tech giant has been working on robotics for a while and it on Monday it finally unveiled three of its projects. Facebook is hoping to solve the problem of AI systems relying on large quantities of labeled data to learn by adding features to robots to help them learn themselves.

4. Huawei just caught a break: The US government has temporarily loosened restrictions so that Huawei can help its existing customers
Huawei has until August to get its affairs in order. The US Commerce department is giving Huawei some extra time on the clock to maintain existing networks and provide software updates to existing customers.

5. After Google, Microsoft could back out of dealings with Huawei
After Trump’s adding Huawei to the trade black list in the United States, Google is the only company to have ‘suspended’ its business activities with Chinese smartphone maker. Other American tech giants like Microsoft are reportedly next in line to sever ties with Huawei owing to the new trade restrictions.

6. These are the areas around the world where Google's breakup with Huawei will likely be felt the most
Huawei is a Chinese company whose dealing with the US will be restricted, but a considerable amount of the impact will be on neither region but in Europe, the Middle East and Africa where Huawei accounts for 23.3% of the market share.

7. Honor 20 series to be available only on Flipkart
The Honor 20 series has been launched in London is expected to hit India of June 11. Reportedly, the phone will exclusively be on sale through Flipkart.

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