How to create emoji mashups using Emoji Kitchen on Gboard

How to create emoji mashups using Emoji Kitchen on Gboard
Emojis are a good way to express your emotions quickly without having to type a message. They are now available on all social media apps and make communication fun. Google today announced Emoji Kitchen, a new feature that will help you to express yourself.

Google has started rolling out the Emoji Kitchen feature for Gboard users. Currently, the feature is being rolled out for Android users. It will work with apps like Gmail, Messages by Google, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram and more.

This is not the first emoji mashup concept. A Twitter Emoji Mashup Bot does something similar and also has a free iMessage sticker pack. However, Gboard’s mashups are not generated by a bot and have been designed by hand.

While there are several emoji packs out there, this new feature from Google allows users to create their own emoji using two existing emojis. Additionally, when you tap on any emoji, Google will automatically suggest some mashups based on it. So, if you want a ghost emoji that is laughing or a surprised monkey face, this will help you.

How to create emoji mashup using Gboard

It’s quite easy to create your own emoji mashups using the Gboard app. Follow the below steps:

  • If you haven’t received the update for Emoji Kitchen on Gboard, register for the Gboard beta from here.
  • Now, update the app.
  • Open one of the eligible apps such as Gmail, WhatsApp, Telegram and more.
  • Now click on create a message and then click on Gboard’s emoji icon.
  • Now, tap on an emoji and you can see various mashups.
The mashups shown at the top include the emoji selected by you and other emojis. At present, users will not be able to select their emojis for mashup.

Do note that for some emojis such as fire, there are no mashups at present. If you tap the fire emoji, you will get the following message – ‘No suggestions here... try a different emoji.’

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