Apple TV Plus launches at ₹99 per month to undercut competition in India but only has eight shows to offer

Apple TV Plus launches at ₹99 per month to undercut competition in India but only has eight shows to offer
Tim Cook, Apple CEO, unveils Apple TV Plus earlier this yearApple
  • Apple’s new video streaming service, Apple TV Plus, launched today at a subscription ₹99 per month.
  • Apple TV Plus monthly subscription in India is 72% cheaper than the US subscription that costs $4.99.
  • While Apple TV’s subscription is cheaper than Amazon Prime, Hotstar and Netflix — its library is currently limited to eight shows.
Apple TV Plus launched in 100 countries today, including India. But unlike other countries, the subscription for Apple’s new OTT service is only ₹99 per month.

The company has had a tough time breaking through to the Indian market when it comes to iPhones because the exuberant prices. But with Apple TV Plus, the company has a new found sensitivity for prices in India.

At ₹99 ($1.38), Apple TV Plus’ monthly subscription is 72% cheaper in India as compared to in the US where its launching at $4.99 (₹358).

The aggressive pricing is also mindful of Disney Plus’ upcoming launch that’s slated to go live on November 12 at $6.99 per month. In India, Disney’s shows will be available to users through Hotstar since it’s a subsidiary of Star India, which, in turn, is owned by Disney.

Apple TV Plus is cheaper but limited

At ₹99, Apple TV’s subscription undercuts most of its competition — Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and Netflix — in the country. But it’s not without its drawbacks. Instead of having a large library of shows, Apple TV Plus has only eight shows up for grabs right now and no licensed content— a severe limitation.

It doesn’t help that those shows aren’t getting the best response from critics.

Initially, Apple had set aside $1 billion for original content. But according to the Financial Times, that budget has now ballooned to $6 billion. The company has also promised to bring a host of new shows to its service in the near future.

ServiceSubscription per month
Apple TV Plus₹ 99
Zee5₹ 99
Sony LIV₹ 99
Eros Now Premium₹ 99
Eros Now Plus₹ 49
Amazon Prime₹ 129
Hotstar Premium₹ 299
NetflixStarting at ₹ 499 per month
ALTBalaji₹ 34 (at a quarterly subscription of ₹100)
MX PlayerFree

Apple’s approach to pricing emulates what Spotify already did earlier this year with its music streaming service. At ₹199 per month in India versus $9.99 in the US , the price for Spotify’s monthly subscription is 70% cheaper.

In comparison, Netflix is currently the most expensive video streaming service in India at ₹499 per month for single-screen viewership. It offers a mobile-only plan at ₹129 but that — again — is restricted to a single screen and exclusively for smartphones.

On the other hand, it has a lot more content to offer as well — not just international but localised shows. Netflix’s original shows like Sacred Games, Delhi Crimes and Ghoul have been appreciated by audiences and critics alike.

Amazon Prime, the cheapest of the lot, costs ₹129 per month and can also boast of localised and original content like Made in Heaven, Mirzapur and Breathe. In addition to the shows, Amazon Prime’s subscription also allows you to shop with special offers and gives users access to Amazon Music.

Hotstar, who recently increased its subscription prices, costs ₹299 month — thrice the price of Apple TV Plus.

You don't necessarily need an iPhone or an Apple device for Apple TV Plus

There may be hope for Apple yet since its overcoming one of the primary barriers for most users — they don’t need an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to access Apple TV Plus.

Apple’s partnership with Amazon will allow owners of the Fire TV Stick to access the service on television sets. Otherwise users can always view content via the official site,

Anyone who’s in the market for a new Apple device will get a one year of free subscription to Apple TV Plus bundled with their purchase.

Apple TV Plus Shows

A few of the trailers of Apple’s new TV shows like For All Mankind, Dickinson and The Morning Show were released during the WWDC event. According to the company, they have cumulatively been viewed over 100 million times.

Apple also debuted the trailer for See during the event starring the Game of Thrones star, Jason Mamosa.

"Our mission for Apple TV Plus is to bring you the best original stores from the most creative minds in television and film," said CEO of Apple Tim Cook during the launch event.

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