Best offline games for iPhone 2022

Best offline games for iPhone 2022
  • The list features Apple’s arcade and Editor’s choice games.
  • Some of the games are free to download and some include in-app purchases.
  • Below, check out a list of offline games for iPhone you need to play right now.
We all know listening to music and playing game is probably the best stress buster. But sometimes we get stuck by a limited data plan or travelling takes us offline. This doesn’t mean you have to be bored.

iPhone is a powerful gaming device and every time you don’t have the internet to enjoy them. Whether you are stuck at the airport or waiting in a queue, games can pull off the boredom. We have curated the top offline games for iPhone to ensure your gaming doesn't come to a halt.

Top offline games for iPhone

Alto's Adventure
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It is an adventure infinite runner game in which you have to ski down the slopes while picking up coins and avoiding obstacles. It features touch controls and you can rack up points while performing tricks. The game is completely offline and has fully dynamic lighting and weather effects including thunderstorms.

Soul Knight
Soul Knight is another offline game for iPhone that you should check out. The game has attractive gameplay and features alien-shooting fun. Collect crazy weapons and dodge bullets. The game has easy and intuitive control making it super smooth and easy to play.

Plague Inc
The game has interesting offline gameplay. If you are a fan of strategy games then you are going to love this game.

As the name suggests Plague, you have to create a pathogen that will infect human beings and you need to strategize and spread it in a way it completely infects all human race. On the other hand, you have to correct problems, the game also features a cure version.

Subway Surfers
The game is simple to play with endless running mode while dodging the obstacles. Subway Surfers has fast-paced acrobatics and smooth controls. Besides impressive HD graphics, it features tons of rewards.

Into the Dead 2
This game features seven long chapters, 60 stages and a number of challenges. The game is packed with different types of weapons including explosives and melee weapons. Furthermore, Into the Dead 2 has impressive environments and if you are bored with the same storyline, you can try daily special event modes.

Vector 2
Vector 2 is an easy to play offline game that puts you into a dystopian world. The game features a test subject who has to keep running through different floors while avoiding obstacles and performing jumps and slides.

After every level, you will earn some upgrade tokens that can be used to upgrade armour and other things.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
GTA San Andreas needs no introduction. You will play as a Carl Johnson and game follows pretty much the same graphics and gameplay just like the PC version.

It is an interesting puzzle-based offline adventure game. The game will challenge you to the core as it has a dark and dreading universe. You will enter a game as a boy who has to save her sister while dealing with a terror-ridden forest, deadly spiders and unexpected hurdles.

To clear each hurdle you have to think creatively. The game will test your patience to the core. If you have long waiting hours, Limbo can be an ideal pick.

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